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About this blog

I talk about games here. Expect a lot of Destiny 2. Occasionally I will probably post about different games.

Entries in this blog


Graviton Lance in 2019 - Bonus Weekend Post

Recently got the catalyst for Graviton Lance, been essentially maining it in PvE and PvP as a result.   Today, I'd like to talk a bit about this weapon. In the event of somebody not knowing Graviton Lance, I'll start by doing a quick run-down: Graviton Lance is an exotic Void pulse rifle. It fires a two-round burst, and features the Black Hole perk(second round does more damage, has no range falloff, and has more recoil), and the Cosmology trait: kills with

Crunchy Dragon

Crunchy Dragon


We're Back With Another Destiny 2 PvP Build

Let's talk about Liar's Handshake some more. This is easily one of my favorite exotics to run in PvP. It pairs excellently with top tree Arcstrider, Way of The Warrior.   Before I get into all of that however, let's talk about Swashbuckler. Fallout Plays did a very good job of explaining it in his video along with some damage numbers, but I'll give you a basic rundown if you don't want to watch it. Swashbuckler is a damage increasing perk like Rampage. Unlike Rampage however,

Crunchy Dragon

Crunchy Dragon


Let's Talk about Luna's Howl

Missed yesterday's blog post, so you get a bonus weekend post today   Yesterday, I finally acquired Luna's Howl and put it to some work in the Crucible: Today, I'll be talking about what weapons I've paired it with and what I think of it so far. First and foremost, I highly recommend you run hand cannon scavenger and reserve perks if you can. With Drop Mag, you burn through ammo pretty quickly. I actually ran out during a comp match last night. Secondly: Magnificen

[D2 PvP] Knock-off Titan

Titans punch things, it's what they're known for doing, it's the main thing they do. This build will knock a Titan out of his One Eyed Mask.   Let's start by talking about top tree Arcstrider, Way of the Warrior. There are three perks of this subclass that I want to draw attention to: Combination Blow. Kills with this ability trigger health regenaration and increase melee damage for a short period. Combat Flow. Melee kills recharge your dodge ability. Dead

[D2 PvP] Iron Banner/Control

It's a new week, time for another blog post. Today: Zippy Boi v2: Hunter Edition Let's talk about the Iron Banner/Control gamemode.   Running around capturing zones and killing people to gain points is fun. It can be tough sometimes, but it is fun. Especially if you equip the right loadout for doing so. Last time Saladin visited the tower, I perfected what I believe is my ideal loadout for the Control mode.   The parts of this loadout are fairly simple: In my

[D2 PvP] Shooting and Yeeting

This is possibly the most map-specific build I've ever done. Be that as it may, it's still super fun.   The main components of this build are the Last Word hand cannon and the Orewing's Maul grenade launcher.   Let's start by talking about The Last Word: It is a 225 RPM hand cannon featuring the Fan Fire perk: this weapon can be fired quickly and continuously. Faster reload and increased accuracy on successive hip-fire damage. This hand cannon will 4-tap a typical G

[D2] Please Never Do This

This is just a quick post asking people never to do what this guy did:   This is an Icarus Grip mod, on a grenade launcher.   But why, Crunchy? Icarus Grips improve in-air accuracy, right? On most weapons, yes. However, all grenade launchers are 100% accurate from the air anyway. So this is essentially a waste of an Icarus Mod that this player will never use again unless they dismantle this Orewing's Maul.   Icarus Grip is the most pointless mod you could

[D2 PvP] Shotgun/Recluse Warlock - Zippy Boi v1

So I've decided to main Warlock for a few weeks as I attempt to hone my skill on and improve with that class. I discovered Transversive Steps last night. In case you don't know what those are, T-Steps are a very fun Warlock exotic boot that makes you sprint faster and reloads your equipped weapon as you do it. Some of you may have gone to the same place I did.   Immediately, out came the Parcel of Stardust and the Recluse. Why that specific combination, you ask? I'm glad you asked

[D2 PvP] Double Quickdraw and Auto Rifles in PvP

I am a very firm believer in the Quickdraw perk. I believe that I can say, without a doubt, that it's my favorite perk in the game.   Some background... I like to play anti-meta outside the competitive playlist. For the purpose of this post, that means running an auto rifle. One that isn't Suros Regime. It means running an auto rifle with low recoil direction and stability stats. It means running a Halfdan-D in the Crucible.   What does running a Halfdan-D in the Crucibl