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[D2 PvP] Iron Banner/Control

Crunchy Dragon


It's a new week, time for another blog post. Today: Zippy Boi v2: Hunter Edition

Let's talk about the Iron Banner/Control gamemode.


Running around capturing zones and killing people to gain points is fun. It can be tough sometimes, but it is fun. Especially if you equip the right loadout for doing so.

Last time Saladin visited the tower, I perfected what I believe is my ideal loadout for the Control mode.


The parts of this loadout are fairly simple:

  1. In my kinetic slot, I run a shotgun. This can be Dust Rock Blues, Parcel of Stardust, or Chaperone depending on the map.
  2. In my energy slot, Recluse all the way.
  3. Heavy slot. Wardcliff Coil or Roar of The Bear.

For my super, I run Blade Barrage with tripmine grenades, triple jump, and gambler's dodge. My exotic armor consists of Stompees on the hunter class.


All the shotguns I've listed allow for quick and easy kills, which proc Master of Arms on the Recluse for taking out groups of people with ease. This makes it easy to push people off of zones while zipping around the map.

Wardcliff Coil can be flicked as you fire it, allowing for upwards of 3 kills with a single round.

Blade Barrage works very similarly, allowing for slaying Guardians en masse while shutting down supers.


What this build comes down to, in essence, is taking out groups of people quickly and effectively.

Lead with the shotgun and proc Master of Arms. Clean up everybody else. Rinse and repeat.


Generally I save Blade Barrage for super shutdowns or if 4+ people are all in one place, to ensure maximum carnage.


This build shines on the more enclosed maps such as Retribution, Burnout, Solitude, and similar. For maps like Endless Vale, Dead Cliffs, Solitude, and where range becomes more necessary, I like to run Chaperone in my kinetic slot.


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