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[D2 PvP] Shotgun/Recluse Warlock - Zippy Boi v1

Crunchy Dragon


So I've decided to main Warlock for a few weeks as I attempt to hone my skill on and improve with that class.

I discovered Transversive Steps last night. In case you don't know what those are, T-Steps are a very fun Warlock exotic boot that makes you sprint faster and reloads your equipped weapon as you do it. Some of you may have gone to the same place I did.


Immediately, out came the Parcel of Stardust and the Recluse. Why that specific combination, you ask? I'm glad you asked!


Parcel of Stardust is a lightweight frame shotgun. It clocks in at 80 RPM, and you move faster with it equipped. My roll has Corkscrew Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Snapshot Sights, Pulse Monitor, and a Range masterwork.

The Recluse is a lightweight frame submachine gun. It clocks in at 900 RPM, and you move faster with it equipped. It also features a unique perk called Master of Arms, which procs on any weapon kill and increases Recluse damage by a hefty amount for ~5 seconds.


I combined all that with top tree Daybreak, Attunement of Sky. This gives me the Icarus Dash ability, which works very similarly to a Hunter dodge, the catch being that I have to be airborne for it to work. Unlike a Hunter dodge however, Icarus Dash can be used every 6 seconds or so. Combined with T-Steps, Burst Glide, and lightweight frame weapons, it all makes for a very mobile build and playstyle.


I had a really good time zipping around the map shotgunning and melting my opponents. I've found it shines the most on semi-enclosed maps such as The Dead Cliffs, Javelin-4, and Solitude.

Overall, I think it could be a very strong build if I was better with the Warlock class. I look forward to using it more.


Perhaps, I'll throw Stompees on my Hunter and run the same loadout...


Ah The Dead Cliffs, one of my favorite maps along with Jav 4. They're enclosed enough that I can play up close and personal (I'm better with that playstyle), but have enough lanes you can still be effective with a pulse or sniper. 

Do need to try icarus dash in PvP, but I tend to main devour nova for super shutdown, or middle tree arc for the abilities and again, super shutdown (I disagree strongly with enemy supers). Transversive steps are amazing, IMO equal to or slightly above Stompees because they give you a speed buff as well as reloading guns (really handy for high impact shotties with slow reload, or run-and-gunning with pretty much anything). Hunters are better with stompies because of their jump, but that's a class thing, not due to the exotic (I've held the center bridge/box area in Dead Cliffs and shut down the same poor soul like 5 times or so with my stompees hunter and mindbender's). 

As for the shottie, I tend to do better with high impact shotties, do need to pull out my wacko RPM Parcel though (barrel shroud, assault mag, full auto, moving target, handling masterwork). I usually run Mindbender's or my god roll Emperor's Courtesy (quickdraw/opening shot/accurized rounds/rifled barrel/range MW) due to having better primaries in the Kinetic slot. As far as kinetic shotties go, I had a really good time with my Imperial Decree (full choke/light mag/feeding frenzy/rampage/range MW). 

Haven't ran my warlock in a while, should do that sometime. Similar to my hunter though, I don't have the best rolls on many of my armor bits due to mostly playing titan. 

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Dead Cliffs is my map, easily my favorite. Jav 4 can be annoying in comp from time to time, but it's still a really good one.


Snapshot/Moving Target would be my ideal perk set on a Parcel of Stardust.

Perhaps I'll turn to the Menagerie and start farming rolls...

I need more strong kinetic shotgun rolls. I love my Parcel of Stardust, but it's the only one I have. I want another one with an Icarus Grip on it.


I'd also like to take this opportunity to point out that I started using it before CammyCakes made his video on it :P


I think tomorrow(or later tonight ?), I'll make a post about one of the most map-specific builds I've ever done. Doesn't work on very many, but holy crap it's a fun loadout.

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