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Should I upgrade?


Hi all


So I'd like to know if I should upgrade, first this is what I am running :


Asus H81 Gamer

Intel Core i7 4790

2 x 4GB 1600 No Name RAM



Now I am looking at upgrading the Motherboard because this MB only allows for 2 DIMMs of RAM at 1600. If you use 4 sticks, its throttled down to 1066.

Secondly, there are only 2 x SATAIII 6gb/s ports.


Would it be worth while buying a used MB as you cant get new LGA1150 boards anymore, and if so, what board should I get?


I do live in South Africa and companies such as Newegg dont deliver here BUT, I am in Shenzhen for the next 23 days on business which means I have access to tons of electronics with pretty much same day delivery via ebay and Aliexpress.


I cant actually go to the markets because I'm 40km away (pretty much between Shenzhen and Guangzhou) and I work 6 days a week.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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check local prices, and i hate alixpress, but what can you do.


problem with this idea is simple, you have nowhere to go if you're hardware dies.... or if its DOA. but then again if the prices are low it does justify the purchase.

ironically your bottleneck is your motherboard, as yes the ram is low, and any higher ram means they get throttled, as for the CPU, well its fine, but you cant find a motherboard that is both compatible with higher speeds ram and the CPU, so a new would have to be required, even though its not a bad one.


My advice, try to find a local chinese retailer of reputation like Newegg, and purchase through it, the reason being that it might have something resembling customer services, and a fixed address, so that in the worst case scenario, you can go to it, and since you have purchased all your components through it, you might get a better guarantee of coming home with a working rig.


but in the end the price difference has to justify the extra effort in purchasing these things, and the potential costs at airport customs you might encounter.

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