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Stuck in BIOS!

Hi! I recently did a clean install on my pc, and everything went well, but I saw I had an outdated BIOS version so I decided to update it using Gigabyte’s Q-flash. Then, something weird happened when it finished. It rebooted 2 times, but couldn’t go to windows and left me at the bios. No biggie, I thought. I took out the usb card for the bios and the windows 10 disc I used for the clean install because I thought I wouldn’t need them. I retried booting to windows but it still didn’t work.


I then tried to install the usb card and the disc to give me as many boot options as possible, but all of them only try to boot for 2 seconds and then they come back at the boot menu/bios. I couldn’t resintall windows, and someone told me it’s because windows will not work when the bios is corrupted. So my question is, how do I get to boot to Windows? Were there any automatic backups I could use?

So true it hurts





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What model motherboard?

Do you know if the board has multiple Bois modes? If so sometimes you could click a switch on the board and use a different model. (More talked about on GPU's)


If not maybe clear the cmos just to check that?



Chris R.

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