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Is my Gpu fried?


So I’ve been running SLI 1080ti’s for about three months now. And I’ve had issues recording anything ever since I installed the pair, I tried reinstalling my drivers and all recording software but nothing fixed it. I Decided three months later (yesterday) it was time to reinstall Windows.


I didn’t want to lose the files on my HDD so I took off the back of my case unplugged both of them and left the SSD plugged in, I then went to reboot the pc.

Nothing happened, the motherboard lit up but nothing else did.....so I thought okay weird, I tried using a single ram stick, swapping power supplies, resetting the CMOS, replugging every cable, to get it to boot but it wouldn’t. Untill this morning I tried booting on one gpu, boom everything lit up, I thought well maybe it’s the SLI bridge, so I decided to test my second gpu in the first lot, low and behold, nothing, no boot the motherboard lit up but nothing else again.


Is my gpu fried? If so how? Does anyone know any other causes for this to happen and if it is really my gpu at fault.



TL:DR - pc will not boot on one of my graphics cards. I think my one of my gpu’s fried itself after turning off the pc and unplugging my hard drives, how is this possible could it be anything else.

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18 minutes ago, LukeSavenije said:

Do you have a motherboard speaker or something you can read post codes off?

With the gpu in there is no post code at all, and with the other it boots but doesn’t produce a code. Unless I’m missing something.

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