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Gpu not idling anymore

Hey guys since driver update I can't get my gpu to idle at desktop is anyone else having this issue 


previously Iv had 3 screens dsr 4K and the middle one at 144hz aswell and it still idled but since driver update it's running at 950mhz and temps are going up 

AMD (and proud) r7 1700 4ghz- 

also (1600) 

asus rog crosshairs vi hero x370-

MSI 980ti G6 1506mhz slix2 -

h110 pull - acer xb270hu 1440p -

 corsair 750D - corsair 16gb 2933

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Downgrade the driver?

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Revert to 361.75 - the newer drivers are crap

Archangel (Desktop) CPU: i5 4590 GPU:Asus R9 280  3GB RAM:HyperX Beast 2x4GBPSU:SeaSonic S12G 750W Mobo:GA-H97m-HD3 Case:CM Silencio 650 Storage:1 TB WD Red
Celestial (Laptop 1) CPU:i7 4720HQ GPU:GTX 860M 4GB RAM:2x4GB SK Hynix DDR3Storage: 250GB 850 EVO Model:Lenovo Y50-70
Seraph (Laptop 2) CPU:i7 6700HQ GPU:GTX 970M 3GB RAM:2x8GB DDR4Storage: 256GB Samsung 951 + 1TB Toshiba HDD Model:Asus GL502VT

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Try this.


Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Global Settings Tab > Power Management Mode = Adaptive.


If that don't do it revert to older driver.

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You can check out the old one that gave joy to so many across the land here


Computer having a hard time powering on? Troubleshoot it with this guide. (Currently looking for suggestions to update it into the context of <current year> and make it its own thread)

Computer Specs:


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Chillinmachine: Noctua NH-C14S
Framepainting-inator: EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Hybrid

Attachcorethingy: Gigabyte H61M-S2V-B3

Infoholdstick: Corsair 2x4GB DDR3 1333

Computerarmor: Silverstone RL06 "Lookalike"

Rememberdoogle: 1TB HDD + 120GB TR150 + 240 SSD Plus + 1TB MX500

AdditionalPylons: Phanteks AMP! 550W (based on Seasonic GX-550)

Letterpad: Rosewill Apollo 9100 (Cherry MX Red)

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Auralnterface: Sennheiser HD 6xx

Liquidrectangles: LG 27UK850-W 4K HDR


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