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how can i get audio out both the digital audio for 5.1, and optical for astro A40?

this has been a recurring issue since i got my A40's. i had audio set to come out both the digital audio jacks for my 5.1 speakers, and my astro A40's by having sterio mix listen to the digital source, and output through my optical plug, how ever it has since 'stopped working' off and on, to the point where the only way i can get it to work is to select and switch the outputs manually. does anyone know of a way to have this just work?

main/gaming system: intel core i7 5930K, 16GB Gskill ddr4, asus X99 deluxe, 2 titan X's in SLI, corsair AX860 PSU, noctua NH-d15, samsung 512 PRO SSD, 2+3 seagate HDD's, blu-ray ODD, corsair graphite 780t.   game capture system: AMD FX 8350 BE, 16GB ram (left over parts from torn down system), asus ROG crosshair V formula-z, GTX 770 SC, avermedia live gamer HG capture card, elgato HD60 s external usb3 capture device, OCZ 700w, cryorig M9a, kingston 250GB SSD(left over part from torn down system), seagate 1TB internat HDD, seagate backup plus 5TB USB 3 extrenal drive, corsair carbide 200R.    

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