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Speaker system for multiple devices


I don't know very much about audio systems so I'm looking for what would work best for my case:


My monitor has the following devices connected:

PC (through display port)

Nintendo Switch, and other HDMI devices (via a single HDMI splitter)


I'm looking for a way to merge all sound outputs into a single set of speakers.

I would get sound from my PC either by the optical SPDIF out or via 3.5mm jacks.

I would get sound from my HDMI devices via the 3.5mm jack from my monitor.


Do I need a DAC that has multiple audio inputs? A stereo speaker system that already includes multiple audio inputs?

I'm not looking for the best possible audio possible, just something that would make the most sense out my current setup. Budged of around $250 USD.

What speakers should I get and do I need an additional audio device to merge both sound outputs?


Thanks in advance!

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