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M.2 Sata ssd problems


I have a pc with a 4tb seagate hdd and somewhat recently i added the WD m.2 2tb sata drive that has my OS on it. It worked fine until today that I installed two other nvme drives to copy data from one laptops drive to another. When these were plugged in i got the error message "reboot and select proper boot device" yet the drive still appeared in the bios. I checked the manual for my motherboard and it shouldnt have a problem with the Sata lanes but maybe im wrong. When i disconnected these other two nvme drives one time it did boot properly, so i added one of the drives back again and the same error message appeared. i removed it and the error is still appearing. i disconnected my hdd so only the sata ssd is connected, same error. Cleared CMOS same error. What do I do?



my pc

-i7 8700k

-aorus z370 gaming 7 rev 1

-strix 2060 super

32 gb hyperx fury ram

wd 2tb sata m.2

seagate 4tb drive

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