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New setup help please - Audio

Hello all, I'm looking to purchase a new setup and wanted some help as I'm kinda confused as to how to go about it.

I want great game sound coming from my ps4/ps5 and great sound from my Mac, where I listen to a lot of music. 

The thing is, I want to be able to listen to both devices simultaneously sometimes, also it's very convenient not having to switch headphones. 

Also, I want to be able to output sound to at least 2 headphones, cause sometimes I have people over and they need to hear the audio as well. 


Headphones I'm looking at are DT 990s 250 ohm. How about would I got for purchasing DAC/Amp/Mixer? I was thinking this but I'm not sure if this routing is the right way? 


ps4/ps5 -> DAC - > mixer

Mac-> DAC-> mixer


from mixer -> amp -> headphones


Is there an all in one solution for the above?

Also I noticed some DACs that are designed for gaming but they are DAC/AMP combos, would this be an issue, considering I'd have another AMP down the line, connected to my headphones? 


Ideally I have 3 outs at least, one for my headphones. one for a second pair, and one for my computer speakers incase I don't want to use headphones. All help appreciated!

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Hi What you are trying to achieve is this and Should Go Like this:


Game console to mixer on a channel 1 or 2

Mac To Mixer on a channel 1 or 2 


and if you want to add a DAC you go from the out of the mixer to dac and then headphones


what you would need and i suggest a yamaha mg06 mixer 6 channels, wich is enough and 2 3.5mm Aux To XLR cable That go to the xlr ins on channel 1 and 2 on the mixer  and connect to the console and Mac and also doing this on the xlr channels 1 and 2 has a bit of eq for making it sound as you like if you want more lows or highs. and the headphones out from the mixer to a dac if not use the headphone out with a adapter for the headphones they usually bring one. and if plug speakers use the xlr or line outs MASTER so you have independ control of headphones and your speakers and they are just accesible on the knob as well as volume.


And Please Suggestion You Dont Need Phantom Power On This Mixer for what you are doing so make sure the light beside it is not turned on

on the mac and console dont play the volume completely why? because you will be feeding more power to the channel and audio and its not going to sound great play the volume of mac and console on the middle if not lower and the first white knob is gain keep it in the middle and if you need more volume and its at the top the main volume on the bottom part i suggest turning up a bit the gain not too much but a bit until it sounds ok 


 and tip to know if you are passing the loudnees limit,on the channel 1 and 2 knobs theres also a light wich turns on when its recieving loud signal and its making it sound like crap so turn it down on the computer and check if the gain is in the middle at 0db 

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