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USB stops working when plugging USB Key

Hello to all of you fellow users of Linus' forum,


I came here because I think it may a good place to get help to resolve my problem. My PC is quit old, rocking an intel i7 4790 with an MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition.


Since I purchased this PC, that I built myself, I've always had the problem that whenever I plug a usb key to any of the usb ports of the computer (be it front/rear panel, usb 2 or 3), the connected mouse and keyboard (usb through a logitech dongle) stops working or work from time to time like every 0.5 second. I don't know what could cause this problem and I update my system pretty often through Windows Update and sometimes through the manufacturer's support website when needed.


Do you guys have an idea of what happen? I'm pretty out of idea.


Thank you for you help, regards.

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