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Mini Display port Question


my 4k monitor has a Mini displayport , do i need to buy active adapter to take say a HDMI output from a GPU to the mini port on the monitor ? since i bought a HDMI to MINI displayport cable off of Monoprice and on 2 systems connecting the HDMI i cant get any video to output , DVI and normal DP both work fine on the card/Monitor . i looked around before i bought the cable and it should of worked but i ant sure if i got a DOA cable did see a few complaints about that or if its not a BI-directional cable like DP to DP and HDMI-DVI/HDMI are .

main rig


 corsair 750d | evga 1000w g2 | Gigabyte x99 soc champ | 5820k 4.0GHz | 1tb wd blue | 250gb samsung 840 evo  | Crucial Ballistix Sport XT 16GB 8x2 DDR4-2400 | MSI GTX 970 x2 | monitor Acer B286HK 28" 4K | razor chroma blackwidow  | razor death adder chroma

CENTOS 7 SERVER (PLEX&docker stuff)


NZXT s220 | evga 500w 80+ | AMD FX 8320e | ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 | 2x8gb non ecc ddr3 WD red 2TBx2 | seagate 160gb microcenter 8gb flashdrive OS


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