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SSD Caching for Two Drives


Good morning (in New York it is)
I'm re-configuring the storage in my build, and I wanna do SSD caching for two HDDs.
Right now, this is what my storage looks like:
- 1TB Samsung 970 Evo NVMe as boot
- 1TB Toshiba 7,200 as secondary (large files)
- 1TB Toshiba 7,200 partitioned as backup drive and Steam library
- 1TB Toshiba 5,400 as encrypted drive
- 250GB Crucial MX500 SATA SSD as another fast drive for VMs, fast downloads etc
Here is what I wanna do:
- I want to give the entire partitioned drive to Steam
- Add a 1TB HDD to use for local backups
- Add a 120GB SSD I have laying around and use it as cache for secondary and Steam
Now, my questions are:
 - Would you change anything in this config?
 - How would I go about using the 120 GB SSD as cache for secondary and Steam?
 - Can one SSD even be used as cache for two drives at the same time?
Thanks :)
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