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  1. No root on my device, guess its gona be hard to figure it out
  2. Saw one Nexus 7 with a similar problem, but no reason or solution for that too. Guess i'm just unlucky.
  3. Hello guys, couldn't find this in any other place, so i decided to post it in here. I got a nexus 5 from google play in Jan, and since Jun i have got some problems concerning the LCD. The first time I faced this problem i had it charging over night, what i always do, and when woke up the screen went totally black, but the phone was clearly on. When i hardreseted it, the screen got pink grainy, as shown in the photos. From time to time it comes back, but when i hit the power bottom to lock the screen, it blacks out again. I'm waiting to go to US again to call the google play hardware support, but was wondering if somebody else got this problem too.
  4. Build quality from this g550jk seems like a beats when compared to the other laptops from the same price range. Just beautiful.