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  1. Update: my 2080 came in the mail today. Apparently the seller shipped it from France. Also even though I ordered the ASUS dual fan model I got the blower... They did refund me $70 for the wrong item though. Got my 2080 for $629 :) Also, it does run quieter than my 780 classified which I'm very surprised about, thought the blower would be a jet engine in there.
  2. Found today on amazon, I ordered the dual oc one but they have a blower style in stock right now for $699. https://www.amazon.com/Turbo-Gaming-Graphics-Graphic-TURBO-RTX2080-8G/dp/B07HX7FQYD/ref=sr_1_1?m=A6PIPIOD1H3U3&s=merchant-items&ie=UTF8&qid=1543612381&sr=1-1
  3. After my cats knocked over and broke my 2560x1440 monitor i decided Id go for one of LG's new wide screen monitors. I plug the thing in and everything seems to work great, but every time i run a game it crashes after just a few minutes. I tried CS go, destiny 2 and Doom. all crashed soon after loading, game froze, music kept playing and then the program force quit and i get a display driver stopped working but recovered message at the bottom of my screen. Ive tried installing the latest driver, doing a clean install of the latest driver and also going back and installing the previous driver and no changes. Tried running the games in windowed, borderlels window, everything. Lowered the resolution, no change. Ive got 2 other 1080p monitors, ive tried unplugging them and just running the new monitor as well, no changes. my card is a gtx 780, monitor connected with a display port cable that it came with. I'm at a loss here guys.
  4. So I've been using my old Asus g73jh as a home theater pc for a few years now. Recently the SSD sh*t the bed on me and I just stuck the old hdd back in it I removed back in 2012. Ive been thinking about updating for a while but now seems like the right time. I mainly used the PC for basic web browsing, and music playback, its connected to my receiver and feeds a 5.2 surround sound system and outputs to either a projector or tv. Ive got a dedicated gaming rig in my upstairs office and an oled atmos setup in my bedroom. I mainly use streaming services for media consumption, and ive got an oppo 103d and xbox 1s for bluray/uhd bluray playback I've looked into building a computer to run a PLEX server but i don't have an extensive library of content because I usually stream. But it would be nice to send content to different rooms without transferring files on a usb drive. so the question is, build a small AMD apu machine to run basic programs and music streaming 4k hdr playback would be a requirement and high quality audio or invest further into building a plex system. Right now I don't know if id really benefit from a home server but, I've also never used one.
  5. Ive been looking for a new phone for the last few months, I was hoping the s7 would support 240 fps but no luck there. Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? I'm currently using the HTC one m8 I like the size of the 5 inch screen, I don't think id like anything over 5.5'' but id have to go put my hands on it. The nexus 6p caught my eye but im open for more suggestions.
  6. I just bought a 3 monitor stand, 2 below and one above, When I have it configured like this i cant snap a window to the top of a monitor anymore (except the one that's physically located on top of the other two monitors) I downloaded display fusion and cant seem to find any options in there to fix this. Does anyone have a similar setup or know how I can resize windows by snapping them with this config. I know i can just control + up arrow it but it was so much simpler with the mouse. Thanks!
  7. All im getting on this laptop is a black screen and curser on log in, tried everything i could think of and i think its just time for a factory reset... only problem is none of the options to reset are working... There is no charms bar so getting to pc settings cant happen, I can pull up the control panel threw task manager but there aren't any set points to restore to, the hyperlink to refresh the pc throws an error message when clicked "Class not registered" laptop has no disk drive and i don't have access to a windows 8 disk right now. Anyone know how i can wipe this thing?
  8. so windows installed its latest batch of updates and after the welcome screen there's nothing but black and the curser. The same thing happened when it updated previously, I was able to just restore from an earlier point and it was fine. No such luck this time, no restore points at all. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics drivers, no dedicated card just whatever running off the processor. tried restarting explorer, tried removing all the updates manually and then reinstalling all of them, ran scf /scannow and it did pick up some corrupted files but everything online detailing the fix uses the charms menu....which is gone. This isnt my laptop, trying to help a friend, at this point I'm thinking of pulling all her files and just do a factory restore. Any suggestions before i wipe it?
  9. Are all your blocks fittings and radiators the same metal? Some metals react with each other and can cause discoloring in your fluids. It could be from corrosion as well. check out some other posts about similar problems. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/133127-heavy-discoloration-in-coolant/
  10. updade: new dual band router is in aaaaand it looks like his laptop doesn't have a network card that can pick up the 5GHz signal. back to the store to get a USB dual band network card and everything's working for his laptop plus his speeds almost doubled going from 2.4 to 5GHz. 10 mbps -> 17 down and 1.5->2.5 up ping went from 32->30 all in all id call that a success.
  11. so my dads wireless internet has been cutting in and out for years now he lives an an apartment complex with 50+ wireless networks around. it will cut out for a few mins then kick back on it goes out on his laptop and my phone/laptop at the same time . Im up visiting from my place and im trying to figure it out for him. he thought it was losing power and bought a ups but its still not working properly. Im wondering if its the router. i suggested getting a 5ghz router to get away from all the interference with other networks. any thoughts before i take a trip to the store and get him a new one to try out?
  12. I ended up getting the samsung and its amazing, don't regret it one bit.
  13. Found what I just asked for... wasnt too hard to find. here it is for anyone else who comes across this thread. http://nxsfan.co.uk/mediawiki/index.php/Samsung_Panels
  14. huh I was reading some amazon reviews that said that only the models above 55'' carried the Samsung panel, that was pretty much the main reason I decided on 55''. Do you have a source for that information? not that your any less trustworthy than some amazon reviewer but ive been looking and haven't found much more information about which units have the samsung panel.