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  1. As of right now ? Definitely Astralis. And probably Cloud9 for NA.
  2. Oioioi ! How are you doing over there bro xD

    1. ShadowCaptain


      hey sorry not been on here in 40 years

    2. NationsAnarchy


      Yeah 40 years seems to be reasonable :D

  3. Better spend your money for something newer.
  4. Holy shit, this is actually so cool
  5. 13 inch display right ? I'd say 1366 x 768 is better than Full HD
  6. Such a great song ! Found it from the new update of FIFA Online 3 that just got released on my country for a couple of days.
  7. http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g900-chaos-spectrum-mouse Another day, another Logitech G product. Only 107 grams in weight, PMW-3366 sensor, replaceable side buttons, plus the metal spring tensioning system for the left/right click just like the G302/303. This might be the perfect wireless gaming mouse. I'm totally down with this (Although it looks a bit ... ugly ?).
  8. @Quierre There are still some differences between those 2 laptops, for example the MSI has RGB backlit keyboard, whereas the Asus only has red backlight I think ? Since they're quite identical in terms of specifications, you might want to choose whichever is better looking for you, some extra features, etc ... I recommend you looking up for reviews while purchasing, it isn't that hard
  9. Detailed specifications of both laptops please ? Where are you getting one from ? I'm very interested in this category as well, might want to stay here and follow people's reply
  10. G302 is still a good one anyway, it's just the G303 has a stronger sensor, the best one on the market even (It's the PMW-3366 comparing to the G302's AM010). Plus I've heard that the old batch of G303s suffered a lot from build quality issues like sensor rattling.
  11. Oh I see, you will be fine with that G4400 anyway
  12. You might want to go up to a Core i3-6100 ?
  13. Logitech G303 ? It might be more expensive than 60 bucks though
  14. Oh I see, so you can force that to the GPU through driver/software I believe, because after I typed that I wondered why some monitors can run at 75 Hz while it's stock refresh rate is only 60. Thanks for correction
  15. As far as I concerned, you can't overclock that monitor. This isn't as simple as OCing a CPU or GPU
  16. I would say the F310 is your best bet.
  17. Sorry, should've posted this under the Peripherals section Nah I don't quite like those Ducky keyboards tbh.
  18. I'd love to get that G410 from you (for free, if possible)
  19. Included The Division. And Romer-G isn't that bad, at least in my opinion Yeap