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  1. Really wanted to win, that I even dreamed of it last night. But even in the dream,

    I did not win. The dream that I never wanted to come true. Such a downer. 

    But Congratulations to the winners. Maybe I'll just bet on Sweepstakes, 

    and maybe there,I'll win and have the money to buy a Razer Laptop. 

  2. @Mkander99 I viewed the review about it. Feels that it wasn't for me for the Cons of the keyboard. @revl8er Problem is that there are many heating issues with the GL552, it is said that it needs both BIOS and Firmware update, but many argued that updating does not help with issue.
  3. @Crowes I thought that was leopard pro, that's why i mentioned 960 hehe. I have reviewed leopard pro itself but decided to go apache pro between the MSIs.
  4. @Crowes Doesn't Leopard have GTX 960? can it run Games mentioned above on 1080p? What about heating issues?
  5. @NationsAnarchy Keyboard Backlit doesn't matter to me hehe. Mostly use them when typing. I have been researching all week long. Factors keeping me from purchasing is that is the cons of those two, and if there are more laptops to be suggested from other users.
  6. @NationsAnarchy They almost have the same specs. MSI GE62 Apache Pro 04 -https://us.msi.com/Notebook/GE62-Apache-Pro-6th-Gen-GTX-960M.html#hero-specification&sku_no=500 Asus ROG GL552VW-DH71 - http://store.asus.com/us/item/201510AM170008064/A18486 What I'm deciding on is their pros and cons. And Feedbacks from other users. @oldkingdragonslayer Yep i have extra keyboard on work+house. But what I'm implying on is that I can't always bring with me a keyboard on the go. I know there are those small ones. But what better if I use the keyboard on the l
  7. Hey guys. Can u help me to decide in finding my next gaming laptop? I know that there are many similar post about this but I'm looking for the best opinions that's why I'm here in this forum. I'm in debate between MSI GE62 Apache Pro 04 vs Asus ROG GL552VW-DH71. I'm in between both for the pros and cons for the two. You can also suggest different Laptops if it is within the price range of those two. Will mostly be used for Programming, heavy web browsing, gaming(CS go, LOL, Fallout4(if possible), COD4, etc), and some video editing. I usua