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    Intel Core i7 4770k 3.5 Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Msi Z87 Gaming Motherboard
  • RAM
    8 Gb Kingston Hyper-x Memory 1600 Mhz
  • GPU
    Msi Geforce Gtx 780 Twin Frozr
  • Case
    Cooler Master K550
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    1 Tb Segate Baracuda 7200 Rpm
  • PSU
    600 Watt Seasonic PowerSupply
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    Samsung S24D590L
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    Gigabyte Krypton

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  1. Hello, hope you had a great day. Yesterday, my hard drive died and corrupted with it all my files. Now I am using an app called (Remo Recover) to get some important data off of my old drive. The file extension that I am looking for is *.FLP (FL Studio files) The program asks for some details about the extension that I have no clue what is about. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time.
  2. It's simple, I have an old motherboard with no RGB fan headers (Msi Z87-G43). The only fan I want to be RGB is the CPU cooler fan (Maybe an NZXT or a Corsair one). Can I properly use an RGB fan whilst still sync it with the normal CPU fan RPM/Speed? Thanks for your time.
  3. Hello there, Recently I got a new SSD (240 GB) to use for windows only. My current drive is (1 TB) and is allocated as (150 GB C:/ Drive) and (750 GB E:/ Drive) The question is, Can I migrate windows (C:/ Drive only) from my old hard drive to the new SSD without installing windows? Will old programs still work? Thanks for your time.
  4. Here's an example, Mouse is set to 800 DPI and 15 In-game sensitivity and the same mouse is set to 3200 DPI and 3.75 In-game sensitivity. Both have the same perceivable motion sensitivity inside the game. Does any of either case provide any advantage over the other whatsoever? Thanks
  5. Will definitely try this one out. Thanks
  6. Sadly it won't work.... It's just a DVR box that doesn't connect to WIFI. It's just a stupid box that has no inputs other than a USB for a mouse. No wifi. No internet.
  7. Here's the thing, it's not a computer. It's a DVR box that only accepts a normal ordinary mouse which is used to control a proprietary software on the machine.
  8. Here's the deal. Distance between Office A and B is about 50 meters with multiple walls in between (About 9). I need to control a Mouse from Office A to move a cursor in a DVR Box in office B. Two routes are possible, Wireless or wired. Please tell me the easiest possible solution (50 Meter extension cable/ Super powerful wireless mouse). Thank you for your time. (Internet can't be used - The DVR box only accepts mice)
  9. That's very useful info, really appreciate your help sir
  10. So it indeed doesn't have a ground wire does it?
  11. Hello, so I recently moved to another house and all the outlets are 2-Prong outlets (Possibly no grounding) so I diassembled the outlet expecting 2-3 connections. Turns out there are 4 and probably none of them are ground with no color difference. Can someone help me with identifing what cables to connect to a 3-Prong outlet? (Excuse the dirty outlet) Thanks in advance. NB : I know it is not ideal to post this on linustechtips but it is the only site I am familiar with
  12. I want to boot from it to launch origin and start the download, I have to boot from it to start it right?
  13. Will I be able to boot from it though?
  14. Hey there, here's my problem. I recently bought a couple of games (SW BF,BF1) and wanted to download them. With a 20gb/Month plan I have no luck in doing so. So the only way is to download them on the unlimited wi-fi in my old house. So basically I want to keep the hard disk (3.5'') there (since I am using a PC) and let it download on its own while the PC remain in its place. Is there a contraption I can make somehow to let the drive run and download (Possibly connected to a cheap laptop) on its own? Is there a better solution? Thanks for your time.