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  1. Thanks guys tried all looks like when i was storing the motherboard while waiting for a new CPU it might of bent a pin, so will have to fix that
  2. I do get that 3 is not good but howcome it worked with my i3 and not the new i9?
  3. All are Kingston with only one module differing in model name. Its 2 KVR24N17S6/4 And one KVR24N17S8/4 It used to work before on the same motherboard i am using now with a less powerful cpu I had. I went from a i3 8100 to a i9 9900. On the ASUS B360F STRIX The 12gb worked fine on this same mobo with the i3 so why is not working with the i9? Just 8 working now though on the new cpu.
  4. Recently upgraded my PC, i have 3x 4GB DDR4 Kingston sticks (all same specs). All worked on my previous CPU and showed 12GB in WIndowsNow that i put in the new CPU it is not booting if i put the 3rd stick leaving me with only 8GB, it will only boot with 2 sticks.Any idea? ThanksI tried 1 by 1 and different slots, reseating etc no luck.
  5. So i just purchased a pack of RGB fans (Gamdias Aeolus M1 120mm) and i wanted to know if i can attach 2 of these fans on my h80i via the Gamdias fan hub instead of the fan headers on the motherboard or h80i block. Will this work?, The only reason is me wanting to have all the RGB fans in sync with the colors. Motherboard: ASUS Maximus VII Hero Thanks guys! gamdias-aeolus-m1-1201-120mm-rgb-case-fan-1000px-v1-0005.webp
  6. Hey Linus My Favourite Thing Is The Dedicated Cloud Storage Button. Good Review!
  7. My favorite thing about the LG G3 is the Smart Keyboard where you can resize the keyboard and delete autocorrect easily Thanks Linus