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  • CPU
    Intel 6700HQ
  • RAM
    16GB Kingston Hyper-X SODIMM DDR4
  • GPU
    GTX 980m
  • Case
    Clevo P650RG
  • Storage
    2x 480GB Kingston KC300
  • Display(s)
    3K Matte Panasonic LED
  • Mouse
    Razer Mamba
  • Sound
    Sennheiser Urbanite/Qpad QH-85
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
  1. I can vouch for the earlier suggested P650RG, you could go P670RG if you want it to be bigger. I suggest you take a look at http://rjtech.com/ think it might be cheaper than Sager. Btw: P650RG=NP8658, you can take a look on http://www.clevo.com.tw/clevo_prodetail.asp?id=837〈=en for the specs. If you have a question about the laptop feel free to PM me. Oh and it's usually way cheaper to buy the SSD seperate and throw it in yourself, this may go for the RAM as well.
  2. It will! Just making sure we're not misinforming you
  3. It's a fine choice, beware though, the xeon doens't have integrated graphics so you will have to have a dedicated GPU!
  4. Thanks for all the tips guys, ill cherish them forever and put them to good use! ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Better?
  5. Not the best PSU you could've gotten but it should be able to handle it just fine, make sure everything is socketed well! if the problem persists start worrying, otherwise I wouldn't worry too much about it!
  6. Maybe one of the sockets was just not plugged in fully? Maybe a software issue with hibernation? try to put it in hibernate again. If the problem stops occuring I wouldn't worry about it Edit: what PSU do you have and what GPU and CPU are you using with it?
  7. Specs wise it's a good buy. Haven't got a clue how the build quality and cooling is. Also it is quite a bit thicker then it appears to be, just a heads up
  8. z0ne

    Dutch Talk

    Even op tweakers v&a voor <5 euro eentje kopen? EDIT: Oeps ik reageer op een post van een week geleden
  9. Converting it to euros you are saving about 50 euros in total, so about 35 pounds, and they aren't including a fan because they're selling tray cpu's. It's fine but not a no-brainer, false advertising
  10. If you don't have anything you should start by getting a breadboard, bunch of jumper cables, Couple f/f jumper connectors, led's, resistors, and sensors or other stuff that you need to make a build. When I buy new parts for my Arduino i usually want to build something specific, so I buy the parts I need :\ Edit: Whats your usecase? And follow your own topics please
  11. z0ne

    Best Bluetooth Earbuds

    8 hours is all you're going to get if you dont want it to be clunky, you could always carry an external battery to charge on the go when youre not using them. What is your use case? because if you want them as a replacement for casual headphones the technology isnt there yet, earsbuds still sound like earbuds and tiny batteries aren't long lasting (8 hours in such a formfactor is already quite impressive) For a workout the jaybirds are ideal imo, first ever earbuds I ever liked to wear during workouts!
  12. Are you running the Hulu stream @ (very) high resolution?
  13. Marshall usually puts out quality stuff, if their headphones are anything like their guitar packs. Build quality looks solid enough. Not more I can tell about them though, except that they have 4+/5 star reviews.
  14. Like most posters I'm telling you it's overkill unless you have money to throw away. But you asked for specs, so here you go. http://www.digitalstorm.com/unlocked/sli-nvidia-gtx-980-ti-4k-gaming-performance-benchmarks-idnum358/ Just buy one 980 TI and waste more money on a ballin' screen. EDIT: for the overclocked specs just add a few %