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    Computers, video games, programming, guitar, music, outdoors
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    BS Degree in Computer Information Systems
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    Play guitar (METAL \m/)
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    AMD Phenom II x6 1100T
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    Asus Crosshair IV Formula
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    Kingston HyperX 16 GB
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    Sapphire 7950
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    Fractal Arc Midi w/ side window
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    1tb WD Black HDD
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    Corsair AX850
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    Gateway something 23" 1080p
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    Hyper 212 Evo
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    Corsair K60
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    Corsair M60
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    Turtle Beach headphones
  1. Just picked up a 2700x from Newegg for $169.99! Don't think I'll get a better deal than that! Now just for mobo and ram! PS: It came with BL3/Outer Worlds and 3 months of Game Pass too!
  2. Good idea waiting for Black Friday. As for my current mobo, it's not gonna fetch anything. It's an Asus ROG Crosshair IV Formula. Don't think my CPU will be worth the trouble to sell, either. Prolly just dump at my town's e-waste facility. Thanks for the Black Friday idea though!
  3. Let me start off by saying that no question the thing I'm going to end up buying first is CPU. But that will involve buying a mobo and ram also and I have been way out of the loop for about 5 years. So I decided I wanted to play Apex Legends on PC with the fiance the other day and I'm greeted with a pop-up that tells me that the game can't even launch because my CPU doesn't support it. It's an AMD Phenom II x6 1100T Black Edition, btw. Good choice 9 years ago. Garbage today. So now the obvious question: which way to go? I am on a budget, so nothing crazy like i9 or Threadripper. I wanna go with AMD since they seem to finally be on top in my price point. If I could get away with spending under $300 for this upgrade, I wouldn't cry at all. Not even against buying used. Anyways, my main conundrum is whether to go with Ryzen Gen 2 or Gen 3. I know that either one will be a massive upgrade, I just don't wanna upgrade to a point that's being left behind already. And RAM, I'm thinking maybe just 6 gigs since I am on a budget rn, maybe 8 if there's a deal. But I'm not sure where the sweet spot as far as Ryzen performance is. I do know that Ryzen likes fast RAM, that's about it. If you're wondering, the GPU is an RX 480, still a capable card, imo. Not looking to upgrade it atm, especially since I'm still on a 1080p monitor. Thanks!
  4. I doubt I'll upgrade to 4k any time in the next frikin 10 years or so. But 1440p may be in my near future. Maybe i7 and 480 for 1440p? Or 480 still good?
  5. This sucks since the 480 is so...um...affordable...and I paid so much for my 7950 back in the day
  6. So, in conclusion, my Phenom II x6 would be an issue if I upgraded to a RX 480?
  7. Would an RX 480 be an upgrade from the 7950? One worth making, anyways?
  8. So, I'm wondering if the ew RX 480 is better than a 7950, my current card. I know for sure the vram would be an upgrade, but I'm not sure about the GPU power. I know a couple of these in crossfire is beast af. Another concern is my current CPU, an AMD Phenom II X6. It used to be a quite capable card, but I'm not so sure anymore. Surely it isn't a bottleneck. Another thing: now that consoles are getting more and more powerful, would just getting a Neo or Scorpio when they come out be a viable alternative to anyone?
  9. Is this stuff legit? I'm a little leary of sites like this. If it is, I'm gonna buy SoM now.
  10. I have a 7950 and phenomII x6. Think I can pull off the ultra stuff at 1080p? Talking about SoM.
  11. I really need a new game. After replaying The Witcher 2 in anticipation of The Wild Hunt, I'm ready to play something new. Right now, Shadow of Mordor is on sale on Steam for 30 bucks. DA:I is still 60 bucks on Origin. Having never played a Dragon Age game, I feel like I'm missing out. But I've heard good things about SoM too. What do? Is DA:I worth the extra 30 bucks?
  12. The problem there is that I'd have to upgrade my motherboard also. I will probably go Intel on my next CPU upgrade but, for gaming, I don't see much benefit in upgrading my current CPU.
  13. Is a 970 really that much better than a 7950? If I'm gonna spend $350, I want it to be worthwhile.
  14. My problem with going brand new top of the line with an upgrade now is that the rest of my rig is behind even my 7950. I'm rocking an ASUS Crosshair IV Formula and a Phenom II x6 1100t. I feel like throwing something like a 970 in there would be spending too much money on something not worth is. I may be completely wrong, though.
  15. I was looking into a graphics card upgrade in anticipation of some games coming out this year (2015) such as The Witcher 3, which I would like to run at 1080p the highest settings, willing to compromise with AA or maybe Vsync. Since my current card, a reference 7950, has some trouble with The Witcher 2 at the highest settings with Ubersampling off, I looked into the direct upgrade path from the current gen from AMD. Turns out the r9 280 is it. But... Looking at specs and benchmarks, it is either the same as or just barely better than the 7950. Granted, it is a lot cheaper new than the 7950 was when I bought it. But why are you putting out new GPUs that have almost no performance gains over the previous generation? I'm now looking into getting another 7950 for crossfire and skipping this gen of GPUs in hopes of actual performance gains from AMD in the next one. I know, I know. I could go Nvidia but I'm still left with a single gpu at the cost of a new one with little performance gain.