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  1. thank you do you know anyone that sells custom sleeving? i do not have the time to finish my sleeving. and i would like to get it finishe.all i need left to do is my 24 pin.
  2. no it wont i am using tygon tubing. labortory grade tubeing. when i was putting the tubeing in the top rad i put it on then tried to remove it and it ended up breaking the head off one of the fan screws holding the top rad on. so i am not worried about it poping off. i have been thinking about that aswell. i love racing games. I am just trying to find a set of bedals and a wheel i wana put the money into.
  3. in my head it nade sence but in the end it was going to make it dificult to drain and fill. when i switched it around i am able to use the top rad as a drain point since it has a set or ports on both sides. thank you. i am in the process of building a desk. and i will post it once i am done with it. not a pc desk but just a classic wooden desk.
  4. I finished this build a few weeks ago and i decieded i would post a build log since i tooke tons of photos. well here you go. enjoy. /popcorn Hardware: Motherboard: Asus Maximus V formula CPU: Intel 17-3770k (running at 4.4ghz) Ram: corsair platinum 2x 8gb 1600mhz GPU: 2x EVGA GTX 670 FTW 4gb Sound Card: Sound Blaster Pci Recon PSU: Seasonic 1000w Platinum Case: Caselabs SM8 Merlin ( white ) SSD: samsung 840 250GB Harddrive: 1TB WD black WaterCoolingGear: Rads: 2x alphacool nexxos UT60 360mm Pump: Swiftech MCP655-PWM CPU Block: Aquacomputer kryos GPU Block: Aquacomputer Nickel 680 Fittings: Bitspower white barbs 3/8inch Fans: Phobya Nano-G 12 PWM Silenct 1500RPM Red LED Fancontroller: Bitspower Recon white Coolant: XSPC Bloodred Rez: Bitspower Crystal rez 150ml PumpTop: Bits power high flow delrin top Modkit: Bitspower red mod kit Peripherals: Monitors: 2x Samsung SyncMaster PX2370 1x Samsung SyncMaster P2350 Keyboard: Razor Blackwidow Ultimate Mouse: Razor Naga Epic Mousepad: teamliquid razor goloathus OS: Windows 7pro I beleive that is it for the spec list. Time for the photos of the hardware. Case started putting the parts on the mother board tray for prefit Start fitting thing in the case to get it working and useful before i bought the Water cooling stuff. Now a look at what i am upgradeing from. put a heatsink i had laying around on there instead of the stock to push the cpu a little. before i learned how to use exposer on my camera this was my original layout for my water system. got some blocks in put the pump together had axidentally oreded the wrong size fitting and it would cost the same to pay to send back and replace as it would be to just buy a new set. so i have white fitting for future builds while i was putting this together this is how my system was running for about two months. mind you litterally this is how it was running. time to drill a fw holes to mount the rez and pump. right now i wish i would of changed the rez mounts to inside the round groments instead of the outside. but what can ya do. above i was trying to decide my pump founting position this was my original plans for the build with the top of the rez. but it had to chage latter on and you will see but i will resolve the prob i had latter on. was my original idea of lighting. but i decided against it in the end. i like the current one i chose better. now to mount the GPU blocks The gtx 670 FTW 4GB PCB above i was considering painting the sli bridge white to go with the fittings and the backplates of the gpus white but i decided against it. now i started tubing the system. trying to make it look as clean as i can and now you see what i mean i wish i would of changed to mounting for the rez and i didnt want to run the inlet for the rez to the bottom of it cause i felt it wouldnt of looked as good. and would of made the runs look to long i was so nerviouse of this. but i filled it and was leak testing over night with a external psu. let it run consistantly over night. the next morning nothing no leaks and all was good. this is how i linked my pump up to the rez and the front rad final photos. until i get off my lazzy but and finish my wireing but atm i an content on where it is. this is the wires i have worked on and have not finished. and my setup pics well i hope you enjoyed and this was my first build log. I had a great time working on it. And hopefully i will be able to make anouther soon.
  5. idk i have a few days to think. thank you for your help.
  6. well i should elaborate more i guese. i use the evga gtx 670 4gb cards atm. and when the 780 was released i put myself in line in the evga step-up since i had just bought them. and i am trying to decide should i drop the extra 200 percard and having to buy new waterblocks for each card. not to worried about the money. also if i do decide to upgrade i have to drain my loop and put the stock heatsinks back on.
  7. ok well my time in the evga stepup program has come and i am trying to decide should i upgrade my gtx 670s to 2 gtx 780s cause i have a few days to decide. i use a triple monitor setup. 5760x1080. should i bother or should or wait for the next gen to upgrade.
  8. even with filters. you will still get micro ust thought them. the filters will only delay how often you have to dust your system. you always still need to dust it out every few months.
  9. i would personally grab a AIO since you are saying that your temps on air are reaching 80 to 90c but before you go out and buy one. just try the simple thing of reseating just to make sure. which takes no time at all. just make sure you spread it evenly ohh and dust out the heatsink
  10. figured it out. the fan controller was just reading that it is running. not actually controlling the speed. so it still is giving me the redundency if it goes out and sounds the alarm on my bitfenix recon.
  11. ok well while i am bleeding my loop and leaktesting. i have my pwm swiftech mpc655 pump hooked up to my fan controller and my fan controller is saying my pump is only going at 2300 to 2000 rpm. would you think this is the actual speed of it or is it just goint at 100pct since i have it set to that.
  12. i decided i would fill the loop. will post pics in a build log here soon.
  13. i could but then it leaves the old holes exposed. and i would rather have one less fan. personally.
  14. i like the look of the fans. it is a caselabs SM8 Merlin yea i tried that and the way i have my rez mounts the top mount would be hanging off of the top of the rez. i am thinking i am going to have to keep it the way it is. owell. only reason i dont want to flip the rez aswell is i do not want to make the cpu to rez run to long and i like the way the hose arks to the pump and over the ram.