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    Just trying to help. :D
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    Manila, Philippines
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    FPS Games, badminton, frisbee and food. :)
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    Business development manager


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    i5 -2400 (OC'ed to 3.8)
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    Asrock Z68 Fatal1ty Pro
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    Vengeance Pro 8gb Red
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    Asus GTX 760 (future SLI)
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    Aerocool Mechatron
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    Seagate Barracuda 1TB, WD Green 3TB
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    Corsair RM Series 750 Watts
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    Samsung SyncMaster SA950
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    Noctua NH-L12 w/ Red Spectre Pros
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    Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth
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    Razer Ouroburos
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    Xonar Phoebus, Razer Tiamat 7.1

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  1. Soo just answer the poll. )
  2. That wont be a problem! though the ultrawide screen will have a slight bottleneck on fps
  3. If you want to be able to use it OTG (On the go) get the E18
  4. There are a couple of benefits that a good router provides: 1) As @Raining_Pixel said number of connection without bottlenecks 2) HD Streaming capabilities and Bandwidth allocations 3) Range 4) Functionality such as VPN, parental controls, broadcasting, ETC. 5) Better build quality and cooling (YEAS ROUTERS JUST LIKE OTHER PC PART PARTS NEED AMPLE COOLING) 6) Dual Band capabilities 7) better support and warranties. I personally use the Asus AC68 and AC66 at home and so far I can stream to multiple devices in HD, I can cover a 2 Story fully concrete house and I can have A NAS wir
  5. I have narrowed down my choices of headphones to these two. Which one is better for you guys?
  6. Guys I saw a pair of AKG Q701 for $196. Is it a good deal better yet is it decent?
  7. I'm looking for a quality headset with good sound for Laptop and Phone. It should be good for editing, music, movies, YouTube, etc. Budget is around $200 Max. I've come across many good headsets such as the ATH-m50x's, Marshal monitors, Sennheiser HD 500 series, but it seems many of the "promising" ones have lots of bugs and issues around forums and stuff. I would prefer Over ear closed headphones but open headphones not a deal breaker. I would prefer them to be really really flat. Also you guys may suggest headphones that might need an amp. (aunt sent me a Fioo E18, which is still i
  8. What type of grip are you most comfortable with?
  9. For gaming, CPU's dont really give you more performance. So as long as you have a GPU you'd be fine. For 3D modeling. I have found that more threads and more cores is a better choice. (also renders are RAM intensiv, for faster ram may help performance) For General use, well if by general use you mean surfing the web, watching stuff and doing office applications all you'll ever need for that is an i3. Even then the i3 is overkill. ) But if I would give a recommendation I'd go for the AMD build.
  10. The fins just disperse the heat. the small rods in between is what carries the coolant.
  11. You could try to find really fine mesh at your local hardware store. I did that once for a cooling solution for a desk. Else If I'm not mistaken, Silverstone and deep cool make fan filters ready for fans. (some magnetic and some are not)
  12. First off please try to check if your Laptop's NIC is replaceable. (but you might have to pry the entire cover off just to get to it..) Second. I don't recommend getting a USB wifi dongle for a couple of reasons: 1) you lose a USB port 2) Latency is an Issue 3) most of the Wifi USB dongles is still using which is bottle necked to 450mbps due to USB 2 outputs. (and not plugging it unto a usb 3 port wont help) 4) Just plain bulky Third, have you had that thing checked or did you self diagnose?
  13. Get head phones the get like a modmic. If you want better sound get an EXTERNAL DAC/AMP. Please dont get any of those 7.1 or 5.1 stuff. It's all just hype. Trust me I have one. I almost never use it...