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  1. Side panel not necessary. All it will do is create another dust collection point to have to clean, you should have plenty of airflow with your setup as indicated with your handy dandy arrows. What fan should I get to replace the top panel exhaust fan then, Im currently using the one that came with the case, I want something decently quiet, but moves good air too.
  2. Yo guys I need to know whether i should put a intake or exhaust fan on the side panel, I need to know what fan would provide good airflow, and I also want to replace the top exhaust fan with a higher airflow fan thanks. Pic related for reference. Red lines=hot air Blue Lines=cool air
  3. So the image i attached is my current airflow setup, 200mm intake in the front, Watercooler pulling air from the outside exhausting in, 120mm fan exhausting out the top, and GPU exhausting out the rear. I realize this isnt the ideal setup, but it was a choice between 2 evils, and I wont change the current fan setups. My question is, should I get a fan for the side panel(the mount is leveled right below the bottom of the GPU) and use it as an exhaust or as an itake?
  4. Nah its just in an awkward position to get out, built two different systems in this case so far just dont feel like trying to get it out of spot its in.
  5. So it would be a good idea if I added an intake fan blowing right below the card
  6. Simple question, don't feel like opening up my case to check, is the R9 380 Nitro 4GB card's cooler design a design that blows hot air into the case, or a design that intakes air from the case and exhausts out of the back of the case?
  7. My intake fan on my H80i gt push-pull config randomly stopped died. Checked the splitter fan cable and it is not the problem. so it looks like I need a new fan. What is a good static pressure fan that isnt too terribly loud to replace the stock SP120 fans that come with the H80i GT? Any help deciding would be much appreciated.
  8. Well, crap, the Pro Gamer isn't on Amazon and i wanted to get all of my parts for my upgrade on the same site
  9. I think i'm just gonna go with the Pro Gamer, as ASUS is known to have a slightly higher build quality than MSI and better reliability.
  10. Want something with 2 4-pin cpu fan headers at least 3 chassis 4-pin fan headers, I also want to be able to at least be able to do 2-way crossfire or SLI. I really dont care how it looks, I just want a well-built Z97 motherboard that has useful features.
  11. Well im just torn between the MSi gaming 5 and the ASUS Z97 both at around $150
  12. The title says it all. I am intending to use this motherboard with a i7 4790k and want to do some midlevel overclocking.
  13. From what Websites are saying anyway, Skylake will mainly be a Power Efficiency update and will only give 15-20% performance boost so I hope it won't make this upgrade obsolete.
  14. I just dont want Skylake to come out and the 4790k not being able to keep up in new games.