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  1. THE CASE: Amazing because it actually works and has proper case filters and ventilation unlike my cooler master half 912, worst case ever for expansion and dust YAY
  2. I like the jazz musaks, also I think the 5k Imac is coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
  3. 270's in crossfire + the fx8350 should push a 600W psu closer to its limit. I would spring for the 700w as long as its a reputable brand such as Seasonic, Enermax, Higher end Corsair. That way you can add more hard drives or more powerful graphics cards later down the road.
  4. I have been following linus since the days of NCIX's nvidia vs amd fanboy videos. Linus has more or less gotten me the most stoked on the consumer electronic and PC building community out of anyone on the interwebs. Since his formation of the linus media group I have been there for all the ups and downs. I have witnessed all the hilarious video editing (on the verge of being over the top cheesy) and the insanely low audio levels (CAN I GET AN AMEN ON THAT ONE MMHMM). I think as a tech community we are lucky to have Linus and his team putting so much effort into content that you can't really find anywhere (at that production level). THANKS LINUS, I ALSO FORGIVE YOU FOR BEING SO SHORT. HOLY BALLS
  5. Thanks! Yes I think it is dead. Too bad, they die so fast with no warning sometimes
  6. I have a Samsung 840 ssd and i'm having major boot problems. Was using the computer last night and it froze. I restarted it and it said the disk is corrupt and needs to repiared. System repair runs and then it says there is a major disk error. If you restart it it shows it as a hard drive in uefi bios but then doesnt boot. I tried changing cables (both sata and power) and changed sata connectors on the motherboard and nothing. Any advice? Cheers