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  1. I don't know is it really that bad? It works fine if I use the EVGA controller
  2. So I have had this issue ever since I bought it and solved it with EVGA Precision X software. If I don't run the software my card will happy go up to 90C and more if allowed too. I'm using the ASUS GeForce GTX 1080Ti ROG Strix Gaming card. Can I tell it not to kill itself without the program?
  3. thank you for the answers
  4. In line with the release of the 3000 series people have begun to say that you might need a pci-e 4.0. I was looking at the 3080 for an upgrade and don't have a 4.0 pci-e slot. Then I looked into the fact that Intel don't support 4.0 but some of the motherboards have it ready. So my question is how much bottleneck are we looking at with a 3.0 slot. Is it even worth choosing Intel if upgrading since they don't support it yet?
  5. So I am installing my motherboard the MSI Z270 M7, and I was looking at the included M connectors one I know where going. However the JFP2 only have 4 pins and it doens't look like there should be more there, but the M connector have 7 pins. As far as I can see there isn't a port on the motherboard that fits the 7 pin (4 on one row, and 3 on the second row) M connector on the motherboard. It is labeled GND, SLED and PLED on one side and SPK+, BUZ-, BUZ+ and SPL-. For some this is kinda silly question, but he last motherboard I had they just used 1 M connector and there are some years since last build, and I have been looking it up on the internett but found nothing. Does this mean I am supposed to only use 4, or my motherboard doesn't use all of them. again bit stupid but had to ask, thanks for answers in advanced
  6. but in terms of day to day use, will I notice the difference playing games and stuff
  7. What does 4k read speeds mean, is that for 4k resolution stuff, and if I am only running 2k will it even matter?
  8. Hey so I am in the process of buying parts for my new build and I was looking at ssd. I kinda had my eyes set on the HyperX Savage 240GB ssd as it fits my build color. but I see they have a sale on the Corsair Force Series LE 480GB the difference makes up 10€. Is this a case of buy the corsair or your stupid, or is it more to it than that. the Hyper x has bit better read and write speed with 560/530 and the corsair has 550/500.
  9. so the x62 has less pump noise? and how are the stock fans on it?
  10. Do anyone know the difference pros and cons. also I would definitely focus on silent over temp.
  11. So I am stuck between the 440 and the 450, I get that some people like the look of the 440 and not the 450, but I was thinking about mounting a 280 rad in the top, and with the 450 that seems easier. So the question is, how much better/quieter is a 280 vs a 240 rad (all in one cooler). And how much worse is the airflow in the 440, and how much does the sound damping do for the acoustics .
  12. Freddy


    any difference between the Asus MG278Q and the Asus PG278QR besides the price point
  13. Freddy


    I have been using the XL2420T up to now and I have been happy with it
  14. Freddy


    Do anyone have a any advice for a 1440p 27" screen, and also what to look out for. Will be used for gaming, so I want fast response time and good frames