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    i7 3770
  • Motherboard
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    Corsair LP 8gb at 1666mhz
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    GTX 670 SLI (Under Water)
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    Case Labs
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    EVGA 1000w
  1. good ol' twc, I get 15down and .98 up for 110$ a month including tv
  2. Horton91

    Project Toaster

    Man I was expecting a toaster
  3. Your first purchase from frozencpu will get you a 10% off coupon. All you have to do is rate there service on the link the provide!
  4. It may be your thermal paste I had to reapply my GPU thermal paste three times Due to the fact my temps climbed so fast. Its worth another shot
  5. I would just keep the 670 assuming you have one already and wait for the 800 series
  6. Battery! My nexus 5 last until about 8pm with moderate/ heavy usage. My work phone (flip phone) can last 5 days with heavy usage
  7. UPDATE: When I get more time hopefully this thread can be more orginized sorry for the messy post and huge pictures.
  8. Wow! that stinks shipping was 50$ for me. I'm assuming import tax is what raises the price that high?
  9. i3 is a great cpu to start with, I ran a 670 off one for about a year
  10. Hopefully I will have enough discover point to buy 12 of them 1450rpm?