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  1. Jupakazoid

    ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY

    The design. It's Damn beautiful.
  2. Jupakazoid

    LG G3 Review and.... TWENTY-FIVE Phone Giveaway?!

    It's difficult to really pick one thing I like about the phone. Back buttons - love this, I'm CONSTANTLY hitting the volume buttons on my One M8. Thin bezels - The bezels on the One M8 are gigantic (although a fantastic trade-off for those phenomenal speakers) Industrial design - Man does the phone look beautiful. Usability - I love all the accessibility. Most of which I will never use, but I really like that the options are there.
  3. Hey all, We here at school have recently acquired a mineral oil PC that's sitting on display. We just installed Linux Mint 17 on it dual booting with windows. We are trying to find some things to do (programs to run, themes, etc.) to make it look cool sitting on display. Any of the Linux gurus have an idea? There's no graphics card, and it's a bit older (x58 IIRC) so it can't run benchmarks or anything. EDIT: It's just for aesthetics. It draws peoples attention when they come in to the computer labs. Something flashy that will pull people over we can be running on it.
  4. Jupakazoid

    Coolermaster RMA Process: Nope

    I actually just had a scenario where I received a CM Storm quickfire XT in blues and the C switch was dead. I didn't want to RMA it through NCIX because they were out, so I contacted Cooler Master. They were out of the blues switches and said that they could send me one in another switch and I asked about paying the difference for greens. They said that they will just send me the green switches for no extra charge because they were out of blues. Just give them a call and let them know what happened and they will have no problem helping you and getting you what you want. If they're out of blue switches though, you can't do anything about it. There's a shortage of blues everywhere so there's not much you can do about it.
  5. Jupakazoid

    High end mechanical, exclusively for typing.

    I'm tempted to buy those PBT caps for a Ducky TBH. Thanks for the link! I'm thinking maybe a shine 3 TKL with custom white caps? I'm considering how nice it might look with the white LED's just lighting up the keys. At least in my mind it looks awesome. Edit: I've seen LEDs that can push light through white PBT keys. I wonder if the shine has the oomph to do it. I think it would be awesome seeing the PBT caps just glowing. Edit again: Saw the ducky yellow with PBT caps. Going for that look with white. When needed I can turn off the LEDs entirely and have a nice solid black and white look. When I want I can use all of the shine 3's crazy LED modes. Seems like a great plan to me. I'm more than likely going to be going with the shine 3 TKL. I can't justify spending the extra $100 on the Filco I want, and I'm really just liking how the shine 3 looks.
  6. Jupakazoid

    High end mechanical, exclusively for typing.

    I've been trying to find something from Filco, but it's just unbelievably difficult without paying 50+ on shipping. I've never checked out much in the land of Matias or Leopold. Maybe I'll have to give them a look.
  7. Jupakazoid

    High end mechanical, exclusively for typing.

    I've heard endless bad things about these boards. I can't seem to figure out how I should feel about them. They really do have all the features I want though. EDIT: I don't necessarily like the lack of dedicated function keys. I use them quite frequently. Much more than I would a numpad.
  8. Jupakazoid

    High end mechanical, exclusively for typing.

    I do like the aesthetics of the quickfire stealth a lot. I used a quickfire a few times at my buddies house. What I really don't like though, also the same problem with my trigger I don't like, is the keycaps. I'm not a huge fan of ABS caps, but the ones on Cooler Masters keyboards feel particularly bad to me.
  9. I'm currently using a CM Storm trigger with cherry MX blues at home for gaming, but I need something I can take to school with me. I'm sick of typing on awful membrane keyboards that we have there. I have a few ideas but here's my prerequisites. Exclusively for typing long periods of time, barely any gaming whatsoever. I'll use my CM Storm Trigger for that. Nothing flashy, it's for school and professional use. Quiet(ish), tactile response. Probably going to be going with MX browns if I get a board with cherry switches. Tenkeyless, I need it to fit in my backpack. If not tenkeyless, It would need to still be under 16 inches or so. Nothing 60% as I hate the tiny space bars. Removable cord preferably, but not necessary. Needs to last practically forever. PBT Keycaps would be fantastic, but I can't seem to find ANYTHING in stock anywhere. For now, let's say that pricing is out of the question. I'm realistically trying to stay under $200 but I might go over that if it's really worth it. I know it's a rather tight list of requirements, but if I'm going to be spending this much on a board that I'll be using at least 4 days a week for the next few years (and even more after that once I get a job in the field) I want it to be exactly what I need. So I was looking at a few boards, and I'm looking for some advice from people with more experience in keyboards than I, and some opinions on possible alternatives. 1. Topre realforce 87u. I like the PBT caps, but I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about the Topre switches. From what I understand it's like a hybrid brown/membrane switch, if you will. I really hate the feel of membrane keys, but it's the lack of tactile feedback from them that I dislike. I've never typed on a Topre but I just continuously hear amazing things about them. I tend to bottom out my keys anyhow out of gaming habits (although I'm trying to stop doing so, I hate the sound of the plastic hitting the board) so I feel as if I would like the Topre. The only downside is while I'm not looking looking for something flashy, this thing is just unbelievably ugly. I can get over this though if the experience is really worth it. The price is a bit much, but I may be able to get over that too. 2. Ducky Shine 3 TKL. What I really want is the Ducky Pro TKL with PBT caps in all white. Unfortunately, I can't find it anywhere in the world not sold out. If anybody can tell me otherwise, PLEASE let me know. I'll pay a premium for this board. It has all the features I want and I LOVE the aesthetic. The Shine 3 TKL is my alternative that I was considering. It has the majority of the features I want, albeit a lack of PBT caps. I was considering one in white LEDs as that's not too flashy, and they can be turned off when needed. I've heard both extremely good and extremely bad things about ducky though. Hopefully somebody can back up either side. 3. Filco Ninja Majestouch 2. I've heard nothing but magnificent things about Filco and their boards. From what I've read and people have told me, Filco boards are some of the best in the world. I really like the aesthetic of the front printed keycaps, but the only downside is the only place I can find this currently is Amazon and while i'd happily pay $160 for it, I don't want to pay the $70 of shipping that also comes with it. As of right now my choice is the Ducky Shine 3 TKL, mainly because of the price and availability. I don't want to just "settle" for something if I can help it. I know I'll be happy with the shine 3, but I feel as if there is a better option out there, as I feel as if I'm compromising on a few things I really desire. Any advice or feedback on any of the aforementioned boards would be greatly appreciated, as would assistance as to where I could purchase any of the above. Especially that ducky pro with PBT in browns. It just looks so gorgeous Keep in mind I am in the USA for pricing and shipping.
  10. Jupakazoid

    Intel #TechYourDream Live Chat & Ultrabook Giveaway!

    I'm interested in how to convince companies that you're important and big enough to receive review samples. It's hard to do what you do without the ability to receive free tech to review. You'd be broke if you had to go out and purchase every piece of gear you have ever reviewed =P I don't plan to ever get into the kind of business you're into, but I'm definitely curious how that kind of things work from an insiders perspective.
  11. Jupakazoid

    Home server building help

    Yeah I was definitely considering the reds, I can't imagine the power consumption of the drives would be THAT big of a difference, and this is what the reds are intended for. I enjoy the tinkering, and the building, but I was also considering a NAS I just don't know much about them. I'd definitely go for a RAID card if I am going the home server route, I'm just not necessarily certain what I'm doing right yet. Thanks everyone for the help, I've been quite busy the past few days so I haven't had time to reply. It's going to be a bit of time before I have the funds and have to make the decision anyhow. A NAS would probably be simpler to deal with, but I think the home server would be a bit more fun Either way they would both do what I need them to do. As far as an OS is concerned I was considering something free, probably Linux based (I always end up typing Linus when I try to type Linux...) but I might go WHS if I can find it for cheap.
  12. Jupakazoid

    Home server building help

    Well then, what kind of raid card should I be looking at? I'm not looking to spend TOO much, under $1000 altogether would be nice, but if I could manage to make it even cheaper that would be fantastic. Assuming a cheap board, and basically the lowest cost Haswell pentium part there is.
  13. Jupakazoid

    Home server building help

    So I'm looking for a new solution for backup and streaming media. I was debating between a NAS, or building an ultra-low powered home server. I'm leaning more towards the home server side. The thing is, I don't even know what to look for in building a home server. It's going to be used to back up the 3-5 computers that are currently/are going to be in the house, and I want to get it to run as low powered as possible so it's basically invisible on the power bill. Other than a backup, it's mostly going to be used to stream media over the network. So a few questions, Do I need a highly expensive raid card for a very basic raid 5 to be functional? Looking for something like 3 or 4 4TB WD reds or greens. Ultra low powered, Haswell 4130T? What specs should I be concerned about in a home server? Does it need to be powerful, or is it fine with ~2-4GB of ram and an undervolted dual core? Thanks in advance for any help, I've build plenty of desktop gaming PCs and things of that, but I've never really gotten into the server side of things.
  14. Jupakazoid

    Looking for a new router, time to go AC?

    There might be a laptop and a third computer on the network here soon. So I'm definitely going AC, no questions asked. Now I guess I'm going to go with the Asus wireless AC66U. Seems like a good choice.
  15. Jupakazoid

    AX1200 in a level 10 GT

    The ax1200 is fully modular correct? If so, just unplug the cables and pull the psu to check. Much easier than having to deal with pulling all the cables out of the case. If it doesn't fit the you can just pop the psu back in and plug in the modular connectors. Shouldn't take too long at all.