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  1. Yeah looking around i might even go for a Asgard 3 with the dac card, instead of a stack. Im running Sennheiser hd660s so its not that bad on the power requirement.
  2. Hello. I'm looking to upgrade from a Asus Essence STX to the Schiit stack. But one of my friends are saying that i should get the Universal Audio Arrow, or the Native instruments Komplete audio 6 instead. Do anyone know if there is any difference between The schiits or the two interfaces? Cheers!
  3. As Daniel said try and reinstall the drivers. Otherwise it can be Cpu bottlenecking. The 2080TI bottlenecks on a 8700k if not at 4k resolution.
  4. As Derkoli said. Look at Massdrop Sennheiser HD6XX and Schiit modi+magni. If you need a microphone on the headset you can add a modmic, or a table mic.
  5. If you wanna go to the high end of your budget, these are supposed to be good; Sennheiser HD 4.40 https://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-HD-4-40-Headphones-BT/dp/B01MSZSJE9/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1543976322&sr=8-3&keywords=Sennheiser+HD+4.40
  6. Massdrop Sennheiser HD 6XX are supposed to be really nice. Priced at 199 USD. I currently have the DT770 80 ohm but i want the sennheiser 600 series.
  7. Sennheiser Momentum wireless over ear are really nice to use on the go. I have the on ear model and have used them for close to 4 years now.
  8. You could look up the Klipsch R-14PM as well. On those you allso have the ability to add a subwoofer later.
  9. On the headphones part, if you go up to 200 USD you can get Massdrop Sennheiser HD6XX. They are regarded as one of the best headsets for under 1000 dollars. On the speaker side it sounds like you need studio monitors, but someone else gotta fill you inn about those.
  10. Zombiesnax

    Bluetooth audio

    You could check out the Sennheiser HD 4.40 In Norway they are priced to 116 USD.
  11. Does it just turn turn up the boost automatically? Or are you starting any applications? Personally when i started CSGO it turned the mic volume to 100 and everyone had earbleed.
  12. You can use push to talk, or have the microphone closer to you so you are the dominant sound.
  13. Zombiesnax

    Bluetooth audio

    I personally use Sennheiser Momentum Bluetooth on ear(over ears exists). Really enjoy them for music on the go and such. If you are going to play video games i would not use them in bluetooth though. Tried using them on my macbook in CSGO and the delay was horrible, so i started using them with cable but still the directional sound isn't too good. They include a removable cable, witch i personally only used on planes or while gaming. Battery life is really good(22 hrs) but unfortunately they are out of your budget.
  14. Just reinstalled the drivers from invidia and went with a 2017 driver. It stopped freezing but still has small lagg spikes.
  15. It's self built. Have dubblechecked the Windows Ga**/dvr now and will see.