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    Network Support Engineer


  • CPU
    i7 2600
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    G.Skills Ripjaws X Series 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3-1600
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 560 Ti 1GB 2-way SLI
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    Node 605
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    250GB 840 EVO
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    be quiet! Pure Power L8 700W
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    NH-U9B SE2
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    Windows 7
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  1. I would get my dad Triple Black Bose QC25 headphones because he travels a lot for work, and it's as simple as turning them on to cancel out the sound of the plane. Also, he could control his iPhone with. http://www.amazon.com/Bose-QuietComfort-Cancelling-Headphones-Special/dp/B0117RFP0Y/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1449419863&sr=1-2&keywords=qc25
  2. I have RE4 HD for PC, and I'm trying to use a Gamecube controller for it. I have an official Wii U Gamecube controller adapter and controller. It registers as a vJoy input device. vJoy devices can't have multiple inputs bound to a single controller input. Two good examples would be moving and aiming with the left stick, as well as using A for both attack and action. I installed x360ce and tried using that, but that causes it to read the input as coming from a 360 controller AND a vJoy device. This is causing it to flat out not work because it reads "input form 360 controller, I'll do that" and then "input from vJoy device, stop everything and start doing that one" making me just stand there. Does anyone know a way to use a Gamecube controller with RE4 HD on PC?
  3. Please never do a video in this format ever again. I'd rather you did something like the interview with the Intel product manager that never went public. That was interesting, this was just painful, and I couldn't get through the first two minutes. This feels like what Attack of the Show used to do with their debates, and there are many reasons why I dropped that show like a bad habit.
  4. This is going to be rough, but I'm pulling no punches. The "HD" quality sucks, the player breaks, I can't use spacebar to pause, I CAN'T MIDDLE CLICK TO OPEN A VIDEO IN A NEW TAB (a sin on any site with clickable links), I'd rather have your ad spots than watch it on this terrible platform. I'm getting this for free and I like ad supported Youtube better. I will watch your stuff on Vessel only because your content is literally my favorite stuff to watch, but I would never use Vessel for anything other than this. Well, it's really only because your stuff comes out on Vessel first. I hate their site, their player and their layout. It's pretty, but it's hardly functional.
  5. Lack of Displayport 1.3 is honestly a deal-breaker for myself. If you're spending $1000 for a graphics card it NEEDS things like this to make it relevant in 2 years. Specifically future support for cinematic 4K, stereoscopic 4K and Adaptive Sync (based on the whole laptop G-Sync/Adaptive Sync scandal I have a feeling Displayport 1.3 on an NVIDIA card would actually be capable of Adaptive Sync). I guess I'll just wait until a Pascal based Titan; OLED TVs will be more affordable by then, and possibly be in cinematic 4K (and MAYBE, but probably not, support Adaptive Sync).
  6. I love Luke, but I have to admit Linus has a much better presentation when it comes to the opening ads. Idk, Luke doesn't sound like he's announcing, more just talking. It was off-putting.
  7. Well they were three separate purchases. Two of those would be for one SelectTech 1090s, and the other one would be for a SelectTech Bench 5.1. I had to do them separately so I could have three separate receipts (long story).
  8. Hey, I recently bought around $780 of exercise equipment with your promo code. I'm saying this because I was wondering if you can see what's purchased when you get a cut, and I wanted to know if you actually got any money from it, which would indicate that I did it the right way.
  9. Linus or Luke, Your last video had a sound clip with you testing how well it removed the sound of the keyboard and mouse. The SL300 clearly won that one, but how do the yetis stand up in that exact same scenario? Also, there was no mention about how non of the mics can use a standard shock mount. Do you feel that they really need a shock mount?
  10. I would love to see the benchmarks on this thing
  11. And the fact that I'd be going from a single SSD to a RAID array wouldn't cause any issues?
  12. I have a 250GB 840 EVO, and it's just not enough space. There are 250GB 850 EVOs on sale right now, and I'm thinking of upgrading, and making it RAID 0. Short questions, is there a super easy way to create and restore an image from a single SSD to a larger RAID 0 array of SSDs? Keep in mind that I currently have symbolic links to HDDs on the SSD. I don't know if they would potentially break those links.
  13. We like Brandon. Just don't let Nick Light on cam. Not kidding
  14. If I got this, I would be forced to make my ultimate gaming rig. Two years ahead of schedule (waiting for NVIDA's Pascal architecture), but I think I'll survive.
  15. The Kuhler 1250 is the best part because the black and white scheme cool (pun fully intended)