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  1. I've NEVER Owned a AMD product... too scared to actually try! Intel is INTEL.. I've always known and used their products.. my i3 2100 performed for like 6 years...
  2. I'm gonna be building a PC around Feb/Jan of 2017, So I'm wondering if its worth waiting for KabyLake? http://pcpartpicker.com/list/bzrzZ8 Current Parts list.
  3. Hahaha I know its f@king addicting.. seeing these 144hz 3x monitors with 2x 1080's setups makes me want to get the same.. but the thing is I built my last pc 5 years ago! started off with a GT 440 that fried when I modded Gta 4, and bought a Gtx 750ti after 1month... but now my Mobo has fried taking out my ram sticks with it.. ok so imma drop the i7 and aim for the i5, its cheaper! thats why I'm trying to cut costs where ever I can to save money! but I really need a new PC! and a one that can handle 4-6 years of games!
  4. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/2BKBvV build link.. NZXT S340 cheapest at 117 usd (430 AED) I've fallen in love with this case. the Ram is around 95 usd (350 AED). Cheaper one is a patriot but its in blue, and a crucial sport 2400 white. MSI Armor Gtx 1060 OCV1 for 314 usd (1157 AED). cheapest in the 6GB list! GTX 1070 is hella pricey itself but its also overpriced to the heavens..653 ud (2400 AED). Motherboard, I first went with the MSI Z170M Mortar , but its a Micro ATX and looks ugly in a Mid tower. (recommend some good budget mobo) BLACK PCB! no ugly brown stuff. SSD is the Cheapest one, for around 50 usd (184 AED) for OS only. I have a 500GB 7200rpm in my old build (fried) and its in good condition. Should I drop the 2tb? since I will only be playing 1-3 Games, and I need some storage since I do video editing.. but I was working with a i3 2100 3.10Ghz and had to render at the lowest settings with the least effects. Monitor its the cheapest one for 148 usd (545 AED) Processor is the cheapest i7 6700k 373usd (1370AED). I was gonna go for I5 6600k 259 usd (950 AED). but I7 has hyper-threading and is future proof!?! AND I'M TOO SCARED TO OVERCLOCK MY CPU IN THE FIRST 3 YEARS. Peripherals; first time buying headphone,mice and mouse pad this expensive... I can go for a Sades 703 35 usd (125 AED) and a mouse pad for 3 usd (10 AED). but I'd like to keep the mouse. (I've had the headphones and mouse pad before, and they're good. I ranked to Supreme in CSGO with those badboys) PSU : Cheapest and most trust worthy 650w out here 123 USD (450 AED). IF YOU READ ALL THAT HOLY SH!TT !! <3 I'm using this site http://ae.pricena.com/ it gives you the cheapest link to the thing you want! Currently at 1547 USD (5685 AED) want it to be under 5k
  5. I gave the device manager> update driver another go... it installed intel graphics this time.. but my max res is still 1366x768.. pretty bad but I guess I can't compare laptops to desktops..
  6. I have a Asus x550LD, http://www.asus.com/Notebooks/X550LD/HelpDesk/?SearchKey=x550ld/ Windows 10 x64 GT 820m 1gb 4gb 1600mhz. I've installed the nvidia drivers.. but its reder onl Render Only display -.- (stupid) I installed intel driver update utility and it can't find any drivers for my laptop... wtf intel I tried to update driver by going into device manager>display adaptor>update driver... it says downloading driver but times out after awhile...
  7. Yooo wtf! ??? Nvm I deleted very partition and it worked
  8. My windows got corrupted, my windows loads 1 out of 6 boots... basically the whole thing freezes and sometimes I get machine exception error thing, I tried repairing the files with DISM and it didn't work... So when windows did load in I backed up my files and tried to update windows and that didn't work either cause when it auto restarts it freezes and the next time it does boot up it gives an error.. I tried resetting the PC same thing restarts>freezes>restarts>error So now I made a Bootable USB...after it tells me to press any key to boot from usb. it loads and freezes there too. I now tried installing while signed in on windows... it restarted and freezed again.. this is killing me... if this continues imma throw this junk off of my roof.
  9. Si it worked this morning in I removed every cable other than display and power, it booted up the 2nd try, but my gfx still doesn't work. Pass and mynwhole damn PC Is electric. Like I'm talking even the front USB panel zaps nit hard but the tingling kinda zap even my gfx.. *Update, no more electric PC, and one ram stick was faulty. And one more thing "blue screen"
  10. It's 1in the morning. I'll try it tomorrow afternoon, thank you for your time meen ?
  11. No beep with ram, and beeping after 4 sec startup without ram
  12. Well I didn't notice a shock or anything while working on it... And if the onboard display adapter is faulty how come my graphics card display won't work either. This rig has a 550w PSU And the rig is 6-7 years old except for Gtx 750 ti... What a bummer do see it die like this. I thought it'd fry itself like my GT 440 did.
  13. My mighty lungs blew the dust away... (and a brush to clean the board) That's all. And if my CMOS reset... I can't do much because my motherboard display port is not working either
  14. Yo, So I cleaned my PC (done it like 5 times before) but this time my display won't turn on.. motherboard is getting power but no display via motherboard nor graphics card.. Oh and I kinda flicked the BIOS thing it didn't break nor came off just dust puffed out. My USB headphones are getting power but not my keyboard and mouse.
  15. haha I'm pretty sure you meant to say 720p 60hz, yes it will work fine for a mid level gaming build!
  16. Resetting the router does nothing! and it has a built in trigger that activates after 3 constant restarts so I'd rather not .-. will contact the ISP after I'm certain it's their side!
  17. 1060 should do 144hz 1440p csgo, and will do 8/10 games 60fps at 1080p dunno about rx480 never had an amd gpu but I hear they run at pretty hot temperatures! i5 4670k and16gb ram are good enough for another 3 years after an year or so get yourself a i5 6600k skylake build! that should run every game for awhile.
  18. https://pcpartpicker.com/builds/#X=55000,65000 Have look around in these completed builds! use filters to your preferences
  19. 2TB seems a bit too much, 1 TB should be enough unless you store NASA documents. pretty solid build add a 240gb SSD if you can afford it!
  20. So last wednesday our ISP had some work near the main line for our area, they "somehow" accidentally cut our Fibre optic line...they came and got the whole think fixed taking like 3 days.even tho speedtest.net shows actual speed but for some reason Everyone in the house is getting lag spikes in Video games (ps3,pc) and the internet feels a little delayed!here is the speedtest http://www.speedtest.net/result/5641182340.pnghere is the ping test https://i.gyazo.com/9ab467d056c4ab45807511953f14fcf2.pn...and here is graph from pingplotter https://i.gyazo.com/d6411d7c714d7301e3d1fb359933e0f1.pn...cmd trace test https://i.gyazo.com/80411dfed1847d705d8e6ec4afd1628b.pn...cmd ping test https://i.gyazo.com/3520d016d2ad8323e10d5522301d6424.pn... Gameplay with loss% and Choke% (uploading)