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  1. Hi I bought my self the new AD27QD and its my first time with an IPS panel do i need some color profile to have the most accurate colors because ATM it feels less natural then my TN on the S2716DG
  2. So I am going to Delid it soon and i wonder should I reseal it? and i saw some tech youtubers adding nail polish and some did not should it add it or no?
  3. Well thank you for clearing thinks for me have a nice day
  4. My biggest problem is temps I hit 80C at 5GHz with no delid and a Noctua "NH-U12S" with 2 fans so I might get a new cooler I am not sure tho.. maybe I will delid first then see temps
  5. TBH another reason I want to change MoBo is that the gigabyte bios is not "ultra" last i7 i had was a 4790K with Z97 from asus and that board was magic so I was thinking of selling mine and getting an Asus prime z390 A.
  6. zero crashed on 5.0Ghz but the jumps are insane HWm showed i had a max of 1.4V on the core thats insane i dont want my cpu to burn to crisp
  7. I have a 8700K with a Gigabyte z370 ultra gaming from gigabyte and I cant get stable Voltage always jumps around V0.9 V1.2 V1.36 so i thought maybe z390 have more stable VRM controllers etc.. money is not really a problem i can sell my MoBo and get a z390.
  8. Slow connection I live in Israel most still use ADSL (we got fiber not so long ago and even then its only implemented in 20% of the country) we are capable of getting stable 200Mbit download with ADSL getting content in secs be it 4k or lower (Im using YT for reference since i have no other plays to find 4k content unless its torrent) so i do not see the problem here
  9. I Wish they would stop doing that upscaled 4K looks worse than 1080P on a 1440P monitor
  10. Ive noticed that most content i watch is 1080P from lets call it my sources and everything that is 4K is upscaled is there no native 4K content today? and im not talking about youtube
  11. in bios settings iGPU is set on auto i set it on "always on" and it fixed the problem
  12. i cant install the display driver for my 8700k (iGPU) the error says i dont meet the minimum requirements..
  13. 8700k at stock Corsair vengence CL15 3000mhz gigabyte aorus ultra gaming wifi OP 1080Ti Corsair RM650w PSU gold
  14. No error just crash and before that it asked me to close off winexplorer
  15. Do i need to allocate the drive since the installation just crashes