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  1. I doubt it. A lawyer should know what can happen if you throw misguided accusations around in public.
  2. If you have anxiety, the last thing you should be doing is broadcasting yourself on the internet.
  3. Well it's going to backfire spectacularly
  4. Well he should get proof before shouting his mouth off.
  5. The fact of the matter is he's publicly accused LMG, Linus, the other employees and fullscreen of falsely issuing copyright strikes and trying to take Carey down. This could get very, very messy and Carey could suffer some really serious consequences because of it. What he should've done is contacted Linus or Luke and had a discussion about this in private to work out what has happened. Instead he decides to spit his dummy out, fire his mouth of and will now be made to look like the idiot he is in about 24 to 48 hours.
  6. And have a quiet word with Carey too......
  7. If you watch some of his streams and pay attention to the chat, It's like some religious cult. Sure he thinks he's some sort of Tech Joel Olsteen.
  8. Mr Holzman is just a crying old man. I hope Linus makes it crystal clear to Mr Holzman that he isn't responsible for this and to publicly allege that Linus or LTT has caused this could have severe consequences.