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    Intel i5 2500
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    Asrock B75M-GL R2.0
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    1x4 GB 1333 Mhz Kingston, 1x4 GB 1333 Mhz Transcend
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    MSI GTX 770 Gaming OC 2 GB
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    Zalman Z3 plus white
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    WD Blue 500 GB, WD Black 1 TB
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    LC POWER 650W ATX v2.3 80+ bronze
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    Acer V223HQ
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    Scythe SCKTN-3000
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    CoolerMaster QuickFire TK MX blue
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    Sharkoon Fireglider Laser Mouse
  1. Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EN970 Giveaway

    I'm interested because it's compact size and versatility. Also I need it for playing games in my living room
  2. Smart to start with C++?

    It's not that we didn't code anything, but it was basic things, as we went on forward I lost all motivation and stopped working on it because it was dull and I was not interested in that time, now that I am, it's really late to ask him something basic, since they moved on greatly to structures and that type of stuff, which I don't understand now. So I would like to learn it on my own, and be prepared for next year, since I have to attend it again.
  3. Smart to start with C++?

    Hello, well I would like to learn programming, so I want to start somewhere, and on my first year of college we started with C. I never did any programming ever, so I didn't really get it, it was just boring haha (probably teachers fault). So I would like to do it on my own, and my question is should I start with C++? Or is it too hard, for a total newbie. I would use lynda.com videos to start and probably finish the course, just don't want to throw money on it, and then realize it was a waste.
  4. Laptop video on external monitor but not on display!?

    Yeah pictures were taken from external monitor. Display is still not working. I was looking for same gpu, for laptop and they are too expensive for me. So that laptop is going to be sold somehow. Thanks everybody for help. If somebody has any idea, say it, I'll try.
  5. Laptop video on external monitor but not on display!?

    When I move my mouse they keep on "stacking" I could probably fill the whole screen . Also I got one blue screen yesterday, didn't manage to take picture If it's the graphics, and I think it is, can I replace it easily?
  6. Laptop video on external monitor but not on display!?

    @vembutech nothing of that helped unfortunately Today I somehow managed to install drivers and this happened: http://i.imgur.com/2KeYiaL.jpgand http://i.imgur.com/kLFhfaI.jpg
  7. Laptop video on external monitor but not on display!?

    Thanks, I'll try to install windows 7 32 bit today, hope it helps
  8. Laptop video on external monitor but not on display!?

    yup didn't work
  9. Laptop video on external monitor but not on display!?

    @SubTract Yeah, I can't install drivers for some reason. Tried it just now. Also I checked everything when I was changing displays, and I changed thermal pastes. So I'll try to install windows tomorrow and then drivers all over again. If that doesn't work, I just don't know what else
  10. So I have Acer Aspire 5720z. It turns on perfectly normal. But display won't put out any image, but when i connect it on my external monitor, it outputs just fine. Now I had problems with drivers I guess, because there were red dots and laptop kept on turning itself off after few seconds when being turned on. Then I deleted drivers for gpu (nvidia 8400m g) and it worked fine. Then all of a sudden the problem written up above happened. Also I tried switching displays on laptop, and it still didn't want to work. Anybody have any idea what to do, is there a way to save it. Note: I won't pay any kind of huge money to fix it, since it's not really worth it.
  11. HDMI vs. VGA how much improvement?

    Yeah but, I'm still sticking to 1080p, so not much is changing for me. I will not see difference. Guess I'll wait more time, when 4k gets cheap and gpus can run 4k with no problems at all. So few years hah
  12. HDMI vs. VGA how much improvement?

    That is the answer i'm looking for. Everybody is telling me it's better, and I believe them, but I still think it's not worth buying new monitor for just HDMI. And if I even buy it, I will see no big difference to make it worth. Thank you.
  13. HDMI vs. VGA how much improvement?

    So basically sharper image, still a little bit skeptical, but will think about it haha
  14. HDMI vs. VGA how much improvement?

    Ok, before you bash me for using VGA cables in 2015, it's not my fault, I don't really care, buuuuut, I just want to ask before I spent my money on no improvement. How much will I see a difference and where, in what aspect will I see it? Because I use 1080p display (acer v223hq) and everything looks good. Now before I go and buy new monitor with display port or hdmi, I want to know in what way will I see improvement?
  15. Giving away One Plus One Invites

    Free hahaha