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  1. When I watch videos on Youtube or Facebook they become pixelated like the screenshot I attached below. This happens occasionally (maybe every 5-10 videos?) and has been happening suddenly over the last week or two. If I rewind the video everything becomes smooth. It's just that split second when the browser first loads that the video is like this. What is causing the problem? The monitor is a Dell Gaming S2417DG. GPU is a Nvidia GTX 1070 Thanks
  2. @pendragon Thanks for the recommendation. Right now I'm just looking at Amazon to see what's available for prime
  3. @Pendragon I can only buy off of amazon right now because I need it pretty quickly. Have you used the t460s?
  4. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I tried a mac and just didn't like it so that's off the table for me.
  5. Budget: Up to 1500$. I will mainly be doing word processing, watching videos, basic coding etc. Requirements: Thin and light, good battery life, good build quality that will last throughout college, good keyboard. Any suggestions? I've been looking at the dell xps 13 and the razer blade stealth but they don't have the greatest reviews on amazon so I am a little bit skeptical (although they received great reviews from sites like pc mag, cnet etc.) Thanks
  6. System specs: i5-6500 Asus h170 pro gaming motherboard Hyper Evo 212 CPU Cooler Asus GTX 970 16GB Kingston DDR4 RAM 700W 80+ Bronze PSU When I was testing on Unigen heaven, it crashed during the second run. The temps for the GPU were at about 55 degrees celsius. When the system crashed, it was just the display that turned black. The fans kept spinning, and for a brief moment I could still hear some sound after the monitor went black. On WhoCrashed, it says that ntkrnlmp.exe caused the crash and that it was a driver verifier detected violation. Thanks.
  7. When I am playing games (Overwatch, CSGO, Civ 5 tested so far), my monitor just randomly shuts off. The screen suddenly turns black and it says "display going to sleep". Specs: i5 6500 ASUS GTX 970 STRIX 16 GB Kingston DDR4 RAM Stock heatsink HP 23 Inch LED Display EVGA 700 W 80+ Bronze Power Supply This does not occur when I am web browsing, only when I am playing games. I thought it might be a heat problem, but I have my GPU fans set at 65% with MSI Afterburner. What could be the problem? Thanks.
  8. I watched the LinusTechTips video on Mousepads but did not quite understand really the difference between hard pads and mousepads, the difference between things like speed and control. I have a Steelseries Qck right now but it is a bit too small as I have to constantly lift my mouse (is that normal?) due to my lower sensitivity. What mousepads are just overall pretty good? Thanks
  9. I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 880's and in game I can't seem to clearly hear footsteps. If I bought a dac/amp would it help with that? Also, I have my sound settings (for CSGO) set to Headphones. Is it ok just to leave it like that or to change it to something else. Thanks
  10. Any other suggestions for keyboards? I saw a corsair k70 for 120$ on Amazon and I haven't seen too many cheaper alternatives (CM Quickfire I am looking at right now)
  11. What are the main differences between the two? Which one is louder? Which one in your opinion is better? I'm deciding between a corsair mechanical keyboard and a razer one and wanted to know which switch was better.
  12. I want this machine to handle CSGO at good (high?) graphics and I also will do basic web browsing, youtube videos and such. I want it to be upgradable as I will continue to add to it. My budget is around 300-400$. Any suggestions? I'm kind of stuck on whether or not I should get an APU or an actual CPU. Thanks.