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  1. This is going to suck for people with bandwidth caps haha
  2. haha do as you please, it might bore you though i must say
  3. I PM'ed them all sorry forgot to edit the post again
  4. I know I said that in the description but some people still want it
  5. I have 3 available and I played the other beta they released and I did not like it. So I probably will not use these 3 beta keys. I will pick 3 random posts in one hour, so basically 6:30 EST as its 5:30 now EST. Comment anything within the next hour *** Winners already announced ***
  6. Look at the ad for a this word - unlocked. If he does not have it in the ad, then message him and ask if it is unlocked. If it is not unlocked, you can still buy it and unlock it yourself for around $30 (no idea how much it'd be in pounds). Once it's unlocked it will work for any carrier you want
  7. Like the title says. Best monitor for under $150?
  8. That's true, but maybe better case
  9. He should have gone for windows 8.1 from g2a which he could have saved $100 then spent that on a better case/motherboard
  10. An AMD 290x or at least a 280x would have been nice
  11. Those people just see the $2000 price tag LOL
  12. for $2000 no one wants a micro atx motherboard. Maybe if your on a budget but no one wants a micro atx when you can get a full tower and atx motherboard for $2000
  13. you guys are laughing at his video card.. im laughing at his $2000 computer with a micro atx motherboard
  14. While its on unplug all usbs besides mouse and keyboard. These issues can happen when you have an external hdd plugged in and it may be corrupt so the pc cant read it or turn it off upon the turning on and off stages
  15. Try unplugging all the usbs plugged in besides keyboard and mouse when turning off and on
  16. In the long run, you might regret not spending the extra 30 euros, but if you really are not overclocking then don't get the k version
  17. once again, I said not everyone has money to spend on an SSD unlike you.... If you have enough space then put everything on your SSD but if you have less than 240 gb use an hdd
  18. People don't always have enough money to spend on a ssd that has more than 240 gb. My recommendation is always store programs on the hdd since you don't want to be wasting ssd space for anything irrelevant. SSD's only decrease load times when programs are installed on the ssd itself. The smarter method is installing the programs you don't use much on the HDD and programs you use a lot and ESPECIALLY system programs on the SSD to boost load times
  19. hence why I said 500 + gb... you have 480 gb so thats relatively close. I didn't say it would slow down anything its just pointless to put anything on an ssd when you can put it on an hdd
  20. Put your program files on your hdd. never use the ssd as a primary drive to save program files in unless you have like 500 + gb ssd