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  1. 23.95 €, that is a dirt cheap PSU, alongside the fake 85Plus rating Spotty pointed out, there is a good chance that that it isn't even 550W This usually isn't a sign of over heating, you'd first start lagging while getting thermal throttle, then your PC would just shut off if it wasn't cooling down. The fact that it's still on sounds like your GPU wasn't getting enough power to me. Now the high temp could be from a weird temp monitor, or just a poorly mounted cooler that you just never realized. I'd recommend investing is a better PSU, 650W+ The PSU isn't a part to cheap out on since it's the life blood of your PC, and good ones aren't that expensive in comparison to other parts. Re-seating your CPU cooler if you're comfortable with that.
  2. Honestly you'd save money buying a used 4790k and end up with similar performance. You'd have to get new RAM as well z97 was the last to be DDR3, you'd have to upgrade to DDR4 ram as well with the 9400f
  3. yeah it is. It should, though you could grab a "Last Call" magni 3 if you're really worried about power output for cheaper
  4. are you on 1080 or 1440? Honestly, this seems about right, if anything it isn't that much lower than benchmarks but that's to be expected in multiplayer.
  5. No, also those are integrated, it wouldn't be an "Upgrade" as it's part of the CPU die, the HD is from Kaby Lake, UHD is Kaby Lake-Refresh. at most you're looking at a 1-2fps improvement.
  6. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/vCdWtp here is one with a lower target price, That looks perfectly fine to me if you can afford that. between my 3 links if you can mix and match some stuff to afford it it you should be good.
  7. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Labeled/saved/s83q3C https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Labeled/saved/4BpykL This is what I came up with, but if a 5700, 3700 and x570 is 1225, then 1900 usd target might not be a good one to aim for if your prices aren't actually equivalent, I can aim lower for like 1200-1500 if that's the case. Also I'd recommend Nvidia over AMD if you're streaming because NVENC is better speed and quality wise than AMF/VCE especially if you have to go for an r5 over an r7 since if you're streaming x264 lower than medium then you'll get a better stream with nvenc.
  8. LOL alright, I was assuming he was asking country to figure out which currency since more than the US uses $. Do you need peripherals included like mouse monitor keyboard, or just the PC? I was gonna say that a shit CPU would be like 1,300 php and you wouldn't have anything left for a motherboard. lol
  9. Yeah Bsod is blue screen. System hang is when the system is unresponsive. Have you ever just left it and waited to see if it ever came back or if it actually blue screens?
  10. 1,900 Philippine peso equals 37.40 United States Dollar Are you looking for USD or PHP? I'm having a hard time imagining what you even could get for that unless PCs are just dirt cheap there..
  11. Have you tried waiting to see if it's just a system hang or if you eventually get a bsod?
  12. you could upgrade to a 4690k and it would be a decent upgrade, getting a 3700x would be a huge upgrade. I say go for it, the FX line was a big disappointment, especially since it's a fake 8 core.
  13. With XMP it still runs at the lowest rated kit, so everything is still at 2133. Stress tests or actual games? I've had better luck finding unstable overclocks with games over stress tests.( I know you aren't overclocking) Is it BSOD, or shutting off?
  14. Right click the speaker icon in system tray, Open Sound Settings > On the side where it says "Related Settings" click "Sound Control Panel" and disable Nvidia audio devices. Alternatively you can go to Device manager and disable NVIDIA High Definition Audio, and NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device under Sound, Video, and Game controllers. Considering the monitor isn't plugged into the motherboard it shouldn't actually be a motherboard issue unless it's noise from the PCIe slot power somehow being transferred to the monitor speakers, if the monitor has no speakers then I got nothing and this was all pointless You could also try turning the volume off on the monitor?
  15. you should re-enable turbo boost. These are clocks within spec setting a manual clock speed above base clock is considered overclocking if you didn't tweak voltage to accommodate, or left it on auto weird shit can happen. So please set that back to default. You have a weird mix of ram speeds, However, the 3000MHz and 2400Mhz kits are not running at those speeds as mixed RAM will always run at the lowest rated kit, in your case they're all at 2133MHz. (also usually above 2133* they don't run at those speeds if you don't enable XMP *Maybe 2400 as well) There could be weird shit happening with the mix. Are you blue screening, or is it just shutting off? If it is only happening when gaming it sounds more likely that it's your GPU causing the crash not your CPU. Windows actually has a better built in tool for figuring out why your system is crashing with Event Viewer. Get your pc to crash and pay attention to the time, then go into event viewer and take a look at Windows Logs/System, or Application either could have clues to the cause. So I would recommend resetting your CPU settings to default. Take out the 2133 and 3000MHz ram sticks so your just have the 2400MHz, try gaming like that to get a crash. If you do crash go ahead and put them back in, If you have an older GPU or know someone that will let you borrow theirs for a day try that and try to get it to crash again to rule that out. Pay attention to fan noise, I had random crashing in games a year ago and it turned out to be my PSU overheating and shutting off. This should rule out most hardware related crashes so good luck!
  16. So I'm not sure what custom image you're talking about, why not just use the standard Kali image on their downloads page those are ISO.
  17. There is no best, Personally I use deluge, I only use it to download then close it. Just download all 3 and figure out which one is the best for you. Most torrent programs are simple after setup, unless you're looking for something specific. There is never a "Best" when it comes down to opinion. as long as it doesn't have built in ads you're probably fine with any.
  18. Just because it's out of warranty doesn't mean it's gonna just up and die. I used a PSU for 10 years, the only reason I upgraded it was because I was drawing too much power now, and I plan to use it in separate build in a few months. Why not be smarter with your money and keep saving so you have more than $50 to spend on something way better than what you could end up getting now.
  19. Is your pc not working? If it is functioning now, then don't bother, you're not gonna get anything worthwhile for 50$
  20. DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI cables/adapters exist if you want to keep the monitor. This will be your cheapest option, just make sure it is Dual-Link DVI, otherwise the bandwidth won't be high enough. The easiest option would be to just grab a new monitor with DP, This would be a lot more expensive though.
  21. I went a grabbed a few readings from reviews and averaged them, sitting at 390W under load with just the CPU&GPU. If it was more than it could handle then it would just shut off unless that OCP(Over current protection) is the dangerous part then you'd just fry something potentially. If you HAVE the PSU already, and it's working fine. stop psyching yourself out and just enjoy your PC don't look for problems that might not even exist.
  22. a majority of NVMe drives are M-key 2280 which your board supports. Your English is better than some native speakers don't worry about it.
  23. If anything this is probably the biggest reason to change your PSU, especially at bronze, you lose a lot of efficiency especially if you're basically sitting at max load at that point your just throwing away money that you could be using to buy a better PSU just to pay your power bill. You also bought a K sku, might as well beef up the PSU and overclock that sucker.