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  1. I've attached a screenshot of the readouts in CPU-Z with Prime95 running. Strangely, when I'm not running Prime95, the Core Voltage reads closer to 1.25.
  2. So I was messing around with overclocks and just set my 9600K to 4.5Ghz at 1.31 volts, and I noticed during the Prime95 stress test that the voltage was actually sitting closer to 1.11v-1.16v and I wasn't sure what to think of that. (The temp on the hottest core peaked at 78 and hovered mostly around 76 using a Noctua NH-U12S in a single fan setup.) Does that mean the CPU could handle a higher clock at the same voltage and therefor just isn't using all of the allotted voltage? Does this say something about the stability or capability of this particular CPU? I'm sort of new to over
  3. Update: I was just messing around switching audio out sources between my monitor and headphones, and the headphones just stopped working too? So I restarted and then Youtube gave me a static screen with the message "Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer." This is new.. A restart did resolve this but still a curious occurrence
  4. So I just upgraded some parts in my computer including the motherboard, and now I can't seem to get Windows to pic up audio from the DAC. It recognizes it and the microphone, and my audio out is working through the DAC, but for some reason the microphone just wont give me anything. I know the DAC is picking up audio fine, so it must be something with Windows I guess? Does anyone have any advice here?
  5. Yeah I thought of this and the problem isn't related to the speakers. It does seem electrical in some way, I'm just not sure why the change of parts caused it.
  6. So I just installed a new motherboard (Aorus Z390 Ultra), as well as a new i5 9600K and new RAM, and i noticed that my monitor has started to make this low pitched buzzing noise. It's a somewhat old Samsung LED monitor, but I'm not sure what could be causing it. It's connected to the graphics card (GTX 1080) as well, and the sounds stops when I unplug the HDMI from either the card or monitor. Any thoughts?
  7. Yeah I'm sure. Once its in a game it will range from 25-50% while CPU is pretty much maxed out. Honestly after upgrade frames are occasionally better, like 80s instead of 60s, but also occasionally can't get much past 40.
  8. Task manager says right at 4.3 GHz in the menus, at like 70% load. Meanwhile the 1080 is sitting around 15% usage.
  9. Ah right, Hadn't even thought of that. So, on the new Modern Warfare for example, which seems to utilize all 6 cores, the bottleneck still seems to come from the CPU. I wasn't reall planning on overclocking as I figured the current gen CPU's would handle these sorts of games alright at base clocks. However, seeing that it's still bottle necked by the CPU despite no core ever going above 50 degrees Celsius, I guess I should be overclocking?
  10. So I'm just a but ignorant on this topic. I just finished upgrading my pretty old computer (Ivy Lake upgraded to Coffee Lake, like 30 minutes ago I finished and booted it), and I am wondering why games with high settings and uncapped framerates don't pull all the available resources. The i5 9600K sits around half in most games and the GTX 1080 barely reaches half. If the framerates are uncapped, shouldn't the GPU at least be putting out more frames?
  11. So it was fixed for a while, but I left my computer (on, still running, just alone for a couple hours) and came back and it is happening again. Is there something else I can do?
  12. So I just purchased a brand new Rode AI1 along with brand new ATH-M50x's. I have been having problems with weird static/shuttering when audio is playing through the headphones, but only when they are plugged into the AI1 interface's headphone port. And only sometimes. I was recording some tracks just yesterday on my Mac, and had no problems. And, for a while, I wasn't having problems on my windows 10 PC, but then the static started. I have tried all the very basic things, unplug, different wire, checking settings, but I can't seem to figure it out. I'm very new to high end audio, so any tips w
  13. Google's data download only lets my download photos that I uploaded. I was able to download one of our albums, but the main one won't work. I even added everything to my own library, and tried to download pictures 500 at a time, but it just downloaded as a 1.5 GB .jpg file rather than a folder full of photos. It's very odd.
  14. I'm trying to download a lot of photos from my time studying abroad, and we have all combined our photos into a huge google photos album, but when I use the download all option, it downloads a file labeled as 5 GB, which seems right, but it ends up being an MOV file that when opened is just the one video in the album. Has anyone else had this problem?