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  1. You've got the Efficiency curve for 230v and 115v the other way around. It's more efficient on 230v. Would have liked to see the power draw on default settings too. Edit: nevermind, i didn't understand what linus said.
  2. Wasting food, the potatoes the pumpkin and the watermelon, is not really in the spirit of this effort. Since most deforestation happens because we need more farmland, be it for people food or animal food.
  3. because that entails spending money. if i can do it for free i'd rather do that.
  4. Basically i wanna sit in bed and listen to whatever's on the PC screen through my phone(android). Preferably an app that still works when i lock the phone's screen. I was using splashtop years ago but it was dodgy.
  5. yeah in the US, plus they ain't releasing a MAX version for the pro carbon apparently.
  6. I'm in a conundrum. After much deliberation, last night i've come to the conclusion that MSI's B450 Pro Carbon was gonna be my motherboard that i pair with a 3700x so i ordered it, only to wake up this morning to news that MSI is releasing what is practically a version 2.0 of it's 400 series motherboards because the 16mb bios chip that they use is not enough to contain all the microcode necessary to run 3rd gen ryzen comfortably and they're naming them the "MAX" versions( practically the same, just a 32mb bios chip instead) Currently the last BIOS update for this board is a BETA version with any RAID and APU capabilities disabled so it can fit the new AGISA microcode(though they say RAID function will come back in future updates), and i'm worried this is going to have very negative implications in the future. What would you recommend? Do i cancel the order and wait for a potentially more expensive "MAX" version or it doesn't matter much and it's not that big of a problem ?
  7. Then wouldn't benchmarks run at the lowest settings benefit exactly those people, if they're not sure if their PC can even run those games? Depends on the game. CPU reviews have GPU bottlenecked benchmarks and that's a bad thing. I'm not saying they should test games at 640x480, it becomes a synthetic benchmark at that point, i just wish they'd do more realistic, 1080p low settings benchmarks in appropriate games like battlefield and apex legends, not some cinematic RPG or walking simulator. The point is not whether this hardware can run the game, it's what hardware can run the games at the most FPS on the settings that allow that, that aren't 640x480.
  8. Benchmarking a game like Battlefield, CSGO, Apex legends and other "esports" titles, at Ultra settings is fine, but it's nowhere near what people are going to actually run in those games. Other than 4/3 stretched shenanigans most people run the game at their native resolution, usually 1080p, with the lowest settings for maximum fps, maybe one or two settings turned up to medium if they greatly improve enemy visibility. Benchmarking a game using lowest settings might show us different things. IE: cpu A($200) gets 90 fps at ultra settings cpu B($250) gets 95 fps at ultra settings Obviously from this you extract that cpu A is a much better value, but if you benchmark it using lowest settings you get cpu A($200) gets 120 fps at low settings cpu B($250) gets 160 fps at low settings This shows that you get a good boost over the 144hz target for cpu B compared to cpu A and should save a little more and buy the better SKU. Many tech websites i follow don't test cpus like this and draw bad conclusions. What do you guys think? Is just benchmarking games on ultra flawed ?
  9. You might wanna check this menu if they actually have speakers. It's stupid that it no longer shows up when you rightclick the volume icon in taskbar like in windows 7 . This is the most useful shit when you want to diagnose sound problems in windows, be they playback or mic related.
  10. What memory did they test the Ryzens on? Intel CPUs perform much better on slower ram(cheaper) compared to Ryzen on slower ram which might skew the value.
  11. Did they basically use the Optane module as a dedicated page file drive? Like setting it up in the virtual memory thingy ?
  12. The cheapest 16gb of ram i can find locally are some "Patriot Viper Elite Gray 16GB DDR4 2133MHz CL14 1.2v" . Is that decent or nah? Maybe 2133mhz is too low, idk. Main use would be gaming, but i do play pretty cpu/ram intensive games like pubg/escape from trakov. And they're still $200 for 16 gb The best selling ones, at this e-store at least, are some Corsair lpx 3000mhz CL15 for $264. Is it worth forking a cpu cooler's worth of money for the extra ram frequency ?
  13. https://imgur.com/a/wfZVm I've had this Benq BL2710PT since early 2015, this morning a portion of the backlight seems to have burned out, and overall brightness of the monitor gone down. It has given similar symptoms for the past month(image flashing, exact same backlight section turning off until i restart monitor) but now it won't go away when i refresh the monitor. It's my pride and joy( and was very expensive at the time), is it dead or is there any way to fix it ?
  14. Basically 4 apartments in 1 building, one per each story. No-one other than me is tech savy enough to want his own ISP link.
  15. Basically there's an enthernet cable that comes out the wall and it's supposed to supply this apartment. Until i get my own ISP line would a router suffice and if yes what settings should i change/use on it so none of my trafic can be read by anyone down the line ?