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    My Computer

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    Outside of Case

    From the album: My Computer

  3. Zondrax


    From the album: My Computer

    I've tried to go for a clean black and white rig but it is still work in progress
  4. Zondrax

    R9 290

    So all of them are referance cards? If so, it dosen't matter which one I buy to mount an EKWB on it like one of these?: http://www.coolingconfigurator.com/step1_complist?gpu_gpus=1231#DB_inline?height=260&width=530&inline_id=comp_table right?
  5. Twinkies with banana taste! https://twitter.com/OskarakaZondrax
  6. I'm gonna go with the Corsair 16GB (4x4096MB) CL9 1600MHz VENGEANCE Black. This is beacuse of the aesthetics and pricing. They fit in real good with my Asus Sabertooth Z77 (black on black). Thanks for all of the replies and suggestions!
  7. It seems like i'm gonna go for the 1600MHz because I don't render videos that often and I wouldn't mind that it takes a little extra time for it to render, but what brand should I chose? My local computer-store sells: A-Data, Corsair, Crucial and Kingston. I think I would like to have 16GB.
  8. I am planning on buying new RAM as the sticks I have now are differant sizes and differant ages. My two old 2GB sticks cannot handle any overclocking so when I try to overclock they shut down and my other two 4GB sticks carry it all. What is the differance between 1600MHz and 1866MHz? I'm only gaming and maybe editing as well as rendering videos from time to time. System specs: i7 3770k 3.9GHz GTX 660Ti (slightly memoryclocked) 2x 2GB old RAM 2x 4GB "new" RAM
  9. Any thoughts on the PSUs they offer?
  10. Here's all they offer: http://www.inet.se/kategori/595/nataggregat?Sort=price-a some of the text is in swedish but you should easily be able to tell what's what. :) If you use Chrome it's very easy to just translate it fairly understandable.
  11. After reading on jonnyguru and hardwaresecrets I think I will choose the Corsair TX 750W M Bronze 80+.
  12. Unfortunatly that doesn't exist in my local computer store. :( And I want the PSU to be modular and 80+ bronze or better.
  13. Hello, i'm planning on buying a new PSU and was wondering which one to choose. Here's my specs: Motherboard Asus Sabertooth Z77 CPU Intel Core i7 3770K (planning on overclocking to 4.5GHz if I buy a new PSU) GPU Nvidia Geforce GTX 660Ti (slightly memory overclocked will be more with better PSU) HDD 1TB Hitachi Jupiter 12GB of differant RAM sizes Case NZXT Phantom 410 2x 35mm fans 4x 120mm fans 1x 140mm fan
  14. Thanks for the help!
  15. Hello! I'm new to overclocking/underclocking so I would like to ask a question. Is it the same thing to underclock a GC as underclocking a CPU? I know that when you underclock a CPU you don't lose performance (only if you underclock it way below what the GHz needs). So can I underclock my GC to reduce the heat and still keep the same performance? I have a GTX 660 Ti i7 3770k 3.9Ghz (don't know if you need CPU, but hey here it is!) ASUS Sabertooth Z77 12GB RAM