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  1. Recently moved into a new house, and this place needs a beefy WiFi setup. The house is 3 floors high, and made of concrete, including the walls. I wanna have 3 routers, 1 for every floor so that I can have good speeds and connectivity throughout. But I also don't wanna have to switch connections when I go from one floor to another, so I want them to be the same id and pass, kinda like how schools do it.. I don't have much expertise in this, but I think I'm adept enough to follow instructions. I mentioned the concrete because I will need a set up with good range to work thru these thick walls. Budget wise I'm thinking ~600$ ish for the whole thing. Also, I already have lan cables on every floor run through the walls, so I don't have to worry about that at least
  2. ayyyy if i dont get the giveaway because of vessel, imma be mad
  3. Hey guys, I'm in a masters program for electrical engineering. As a part of a class I have to come up with project ideas for ASIC(Application specific integrated circuit) design. An ASIC could be any kind of integrated circuit to perform any task, which we would otherwise do with a controller, or a complex circuit. Basically anything that you could think of that requires a circuit to perform an application, we could make into an ASIC. A popular example around this forum might be ASICs that are used for mining cryptocurrency. I was hoping to get some inspiration /ideas for such a project. If you have any ideas that you think could be a cool invention like this, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. wayy to expensive, and I'm trying to save up for a new pc for myself. So these will probably be liek a last resort
  5. it wouldn't have made a difference to me.. i could just as well give the cash to my generous host
  6. I am looking for a place to crash in Boston MA, close to brookline area from 19 aug to 31 August 2015. I will be studying in Boston university, and I need a place to stay temporarily. My lease starts on 1st sep, so I need a place to sleep.. anything, a couch or a shared bed will also do. I've been through multiple online resources looking for some affordable place.. but it seems a 250$ giveaway would be cheaper.. doesn't hurt to try lol.
  7. But what if he needs to do something like steam in house streaming.. Its better to have the 970 for full 4k60fps capabilities
  8. No optical drive? Get one in case you have to play media iff a dvd or something.. Also its better that you use a aftermarket cooler since intels stock cooler runs a bit loud and will be bad for a media room kinda environment.
  9. But no included psu which you might consider a negative
  10. Might wanna consider the silverstone raven rvz01 case.. Its good looking, small and it goes very well in a living room environment.
  11. Ok.. All in all I just have 1 more thing I cant decide on.. Whether to get a good projector or a big ass tv
  12. So, luke can we finally get 4k60fps at ultra settings by using this card in sli mode? Please run that test.. 'the cost of 4k 60 fps test'