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  1. Hi everyone, I have a HTC Vive with wireless and the battery that comes with it is crap, What else could I use that will have longer batter life and work. Ps I am in Canada so Amazon.ca would be your best bet just need advice Thanks
  2. There will be network between computers but zero internet, People do not come to the gym to stream, work and so on. its all about the workout for my client Just want good software as this one that we are using is old and dated but we need to recovery out database from this old software.
  3. I want a desktop one where a server is needed as the gym will have no internet at all and if open source is an option I just cant find a good one
  4. I re read it and realized that hence the edit
  5. this is all I have and it does gym membership login/ punch in and management. Its old software was running on windows xp but also works on windows 10 32x
  6. Can someone help me find this software as i cannot find it. its called and used for a gym. Enterprise Membership Management Manager - VERSION 7.0 Thanks all
  7. Do you think I could make the camrea sensor like work with wire?
  8. Can anyone help me find the circuit board diagram or blue print of the DLINK DCS 933L Please Thanks for all your help.