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  1. I have an ssd for my whole system and the usage never goes higher than 30% I did monitoring with msi afterburner and noticed that whenever someone joins the lobby my frametime goes all the way up and the framerate drops without anything else acting wrong My temps during the monitoring were: GPU: 49° CPU: 48° Only 1,2 GB of video memory was taken CPU usage was stable around 32% This is my UserBenchmark that i did today: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/33550351 I dont know why is it saying that my memory is clocked at 3000Mhz, my actual clock is 5000mhz Or what is that 3000Mhz at the gpu specs?
  2. Ye, all the temperatures are fine, also my brother's are way hotter than mine I dont have performance issues, just the freezing or stuttering when i encounter new players in csgo match and when i join a new match with other players, the same for all the games I found that its related with multiplayer and especially the Player Models since in Human Fall Flat the game freezes and stutters and players start to appear with each freeze and stutter
  3. Same, in csgo it still stutters and sometimes freezes when i encounter new players in the match and when we win or lose the match or when i press Alt to bring up the Scoreboard What could it be? Did i miss any drivers? I installed all the drivers from the motherboard website and installed the latest nvidia driver And also, my gpu fans are starting like airplanes when the temp goes up a bit(when i start playing), is it normal? The temps are really fine, gpu around 70° and cpu hardly makes it to 60° All the components are brand new and only 2 months old
  4. But which version, latest? But my brother has the windows update driver and games smoothly
  5. Should i reinstall from Windows Update? Cuz the latest drivers are making it much worse I already did a ddu and gpu driver install in the past but i remember installing the latest from nvidia
  6. So, i built a brand new pc with those specs: Gigabyte gtx 1650 super windforce oc Ryzen 5 2600 HyperX Fury 2x8Gb RAM Gigabyte DS3H motherboard Gigabyte P650M PSU WD Blue SSD 500GB MX330 Case Phillips monitor So, from the very first day i built it i noticed that EVERY multiplayer game i play stutters and freezes the first minutes while the game loads the other players, i wouldnt complain if i wasnt the only one, MY BROTHER has a pc right next to mine and doesnt have any issues AT ALL, and he has WORSE specs than mine, so, everything i did was telling me that i dont have any issues and everything runs as expected, well not, cuz i watched reviews of the R5 2600 + GTX 1650 SUPER and they were running smoothly and didnt have any issues at all And also, i have small stutters in offline games too but the online games ARE HELL These are the things i did and made no difference AT ALL: LatencyMon showed no issues UserBenchmark was showing me that my system runs as expected (My brother has worse results but runs EVERYTHING SMOOTHLY) I installed ALL the windows updates I tried setting the game affinity without the first CPU 0 and without Multithreading I tried setting XMP, disabling HPET from both bios and system I had an hdd which performed with those stutters and freezes I tried removing any unnecessary accesories from usb ports and running only with mouse and keyboard I tried scanning with AVAST, MalwareBytes and Windows Defender, no one showed any issues I did 2 fresh installs of Windows 10 from my usb and 1 reinstall from the Windows 10 Settings I tried overclocking my GPU I have disabled every startup app I tried clean boot which didnt remove even the offline game stutters I did CPU-Z cpu stress test which showed that its performing as expected I tried updating my Audio driver but it was up to date already, i have 2 audio drivers but both of them are up to date I tried updating my GPU drivers but it made the things even worse I tried installing chipset drivers I tried using game boosters My RAM was never full and never fills up to full for some reason I tried Empty Standby List and ISLC and timer resolutions My startup config has all CPUs enabled I tried doing SFC, scanning for corrupted system files I tried registry cleaner from CCleaner I tried doing a fresh install and installing only Chrome, Steam and CSGO but it still was stuttering and freezing the same way I tried turning off SMT in BIOS The only thing that made a slight difference is Process Lasso with its ProBalance mode but its definitely not the CPU, i think... Games ive played: CSGO, Human: Fall Flat, Paladins, BorderLands2, GTA V Online Things i didnt try yet: Updating BIOS Unplugging Front panel Usb cables since i saw that people have issues with that Im suffering for more than 2 months, PLEASE HELP ME!