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  1. I did exactly what you said, and nothing happened at all. Same issue. I toke the battery out for like 5 min and then put in again, boot the PC again and nothing sam issue. I have no idea what it could be. I'm very worry because I have a homeworks and zoom meeting and stuff next week and no I dea what to do.
  2. Yes, I had the psu like 2 weeks ago and was working normally, but I forgot to say that 3days ago I upgrade my case to another one with 9 fans.
  3. Hi guys, yesterday I was doing some work on my pc like meeting and homeworks it's light work not heavy gaming, but then suddenly my PC turned off and then on but the screen won't work and then I noticed my CPU fan stopped spinning. So I thought it's from my CPU fan. I bought a new liqued cooler instead of my air fan cooler. Arrived today and plugged it in test the PC and same thing, all the fans working, motherboard lights working, gpu fans working, rams etc. Except my cpu fans. And the screen keep balck. I changed my PSU last week, upgraded from 600w to 850w. What is going on with my PC I need help, it's critical time for me right now. Anyone know anything?! My components is: Rtx 2070 super Zotac Motherboard asus z390 prime-a Ram 16gb 3000mh Cpu Intel core I7-9700k Cpu cooler cooler master 240 lite PSU 850w modular gold +80 Ssd 1tb Ssd 120gb Hdd 1tb Name 512gb