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  1. I've got a prebuilt PC that shipped with a pretty crappy motherboard (ASRock A320M-DVS R4.0 AM4) which doesn't even have an M.2 slot and from what I've seen online it doesn't leave much room for upgradeability considering my components (they basically put the cheapest possible motherboard they could find). Also for some reason it has the solder points for an M.2 slot but no actual slot. So I want a mid-range mobo that will allow me to comfortably upgrade my gpu in the future if needed without overheating the VRMs or causing stability issues, and of course an M.2 slot. My current specs are: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 16GB DDR4 RAM 480GB Intenso SATA 3 SSD (windows 10 boot drive) 2TB HDD Nvidia RTX 2070 by Zotac ASRock motherboard 650W Seasonic PSU This is my case: https://aerocool.io/product/cylon/ I don't live in the US so here's a link to a local site I'd like to buy from: https://www.pcgarage.ro/ (keep in mind you may not get the right results if you search in english, so just search the component names and not any words) If anyone could help me find a new mobo that would be great, thanks alot in advance!
  2. Alright thanks, do you have any idea what could be causing the misreporting of errors?
  3. I'm kind of skeptical about this Intenso SSD that my prebuilt PC came with because it's a lesser-known brand, so I decided to run some benchmarks. I noticed that on CrystalDiskInfo, alot of the values show up as the same (either 50 or 100) which seems a bit weird to me, so please let me know if this is normal or not or if you see any other anomalies. Screenshot links: CrystalDiskInfo: https://ibb.co/my1ywvM CrystalDiskMark: https://ibb.co/1KQtKqc
  4. I tried to update the BIOS but for some reason there was no option to download the latest update There are only 2 ram slots on this motherboard for some reason, and they're both occupied (2x8 GB) I don't know what XMP is or how to check for it, should it be enabled or disabled?
  5. Whenever an antivirus (so far this happened with malwarebytes and windows defender) is doing a scan in the background my gaming PC slows down ALOT more than it should (for example, it takes about a second to open files when normally it's instantaneous, and in minecraft my fps decreases to 30-40, absolutely unacceptable for these specs). And the weird thing is that I checked task manager while one of these scans was running but everything in there is below 10% usage (including disk usage). The only things I changed in the BIOS were the fan speed settings, but I ended up changing those back to their defaults. I don't remember messing with anything else in there. Any help would be very appreciated. P.S. This is a prebuilt PC from a local company that imports components and builds PCs for profit, so it's not a big brand. Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 16GB DDR4 RAM 480GB Intenso SATA 3 SSD (windows 10 boot drive) 2TB HDD Nvidia RTX 2070 by Zotac ASRock motherboard Idk the power supply