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  1. The weird thing is that I only hear it sometimes when the PC is idling or doing simple tasks, and it goes away as soon as I put the PC under load. It sounds alot like a short circuit noise so it's worrying me. Here's a video of the sound:
  2. How did you buy an rtx 3070 from romania? I'm in romania too and the 3070s here are all priced at scalper prices. I'm trying to order one from the US and use MyUS to get it shipped to me.
  3. I put the card in the second PCIe slot on the motherboard, DDU'd the drivers one more time and plugged the displayport cable into a different slot on the GPU and the issues seem to be fixed now, I also do not get the weird reflection glitch in Battlefront anymore. I don't know if it's the latest driver or changing the PCIe slot that solved it but I guess that doesn't matter. EDIT: Nevermind, I still get the reflection glitch in battlefront but it seems to be less bad
  4. I have 2 monitors, one is a Gsync 1080p@75hz with HDMI and the other one is a Freesync 1440p@144hz with DisplayPort. I already reinstalled the drivers multiple times. Could this be caused by dust? Since I see a thin layer of dust directly on the components at the back of the GPU.
  5. It just stopped bugging the next day when I turned on the computer again, but I got another bug today, a horizontal white line appeared on the screen while I was playing minecraft for a split second, it didn't go across the entire screen though, only a portion of it. Someone else told me this could be a display output bug. I never actually had any proper artifacts though, except for when I alt-tabbed back into battlefront 2 but a restart seems to have fixed that. I really don't know what to do at this point, I emailed zotac support directly to ask if I can get a replacement directly from them
  6. I tried to get it to happen again and it doesn't happen anymore, I also DDU'd the drivers one more time just to be safe and installed a newer (but not the latest) driver. I also did a VRAM test in OCCT and it showed no errors after 10 runs. Before I got the alt-tabbing errors btw I had an issue with minecraft where everything except the HUD went black, but it fixed itself when I joined a new game. I am really confused because I had all these errors but OCCT says everything is fine, and I don't get the errors when I'm playing Battlefront 2 or Microsoft flight simulator which are very GPU intens
  7. It won't let me start the game when I'm in safe mode, it just crashes to desktop after the loading screen goes away. I really don't think a fresh installation of windows would help since there was absolutely nothing running in the background except for discord when the artifacts happened. EDIT: MSI Afterburner was also running but it only has a fan curve modification.
  8. I was having weird pixelated reflections in Battlefront 2 (and I couldn't find a solution to it) so I DDU'd the drivers and installed an older, known good driver. After the issue persisted, I switched battlefront 2 to DirectX 12 and the issue stopped, but now sometimes when I alt-tab out of the window I get proper artifacts on the screen. They're usually pink/white wavy stripes or green lines. A couple times I also saw these artifacts on the models of characters in-game (when I was alt-tabbing back into the game) but I didn't manage to get that on video. As you can see in the video, towards th
  9. I was wondering how much thermal cycling (repeated heating up and cooling down) shortens the lifespan of a modern GPU. I ran furmark about 12-15 times in total across the span of 3 days when I was doing some testing. Most of those runs were 1 minute long and some of them were about 5 minutes long. I thought it would be better to run it multiple times for shorter amounts of times than running just a few times but for a longer time every time because I would prevent overheating, but later I realised thermal cycling could have affected it so I want to know if there is any way I could have da
  10. I mean to be honest I ran alot of benchmarks with no hardware problem symptoms, only some software problem symptoms (shadow flickering, screen tearing) so I really doubt the GPU is broken, unless somehow the benchmarks broke it but apparently that's not possible since I didn't overclock the GPU but correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. I don't have integrated graphics but I didn't get the issue at all yesterday, in fact I only get it about 3 times per month and I can barely even see it so I might be hallucinating for all I know xD but I was just wondering if it's possible for an issue with the GPU to manifest itself so rarely or if it's supposed to happen alot more often.
  12. I said I can't really test if that fixes it since it happens so rarely that there is no easy way of testing if something works or not, but I guess I can try that yea and it happened while I was doing non-GPU demanding things so I doubt that would change anything
  13. I already DDU'd drivers before because I had some graphical glitches in games but it turned out it was the game itself that was glitching. I also don't have another card. The white line issue obviously doesn't bother me since it only happens very rarely and I can barely notice it even when it does happen, it might just be a hallucination idk becuase it's so hard to tell if it's real or not so it's not really possible to test anything because it happens very rarely, but could it get worse over time or no? I can run games and use 100% of the gpu with no issues other than DirectX reflection bugs