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  1. alright, well thanks for the help!
  2. yea I have 3x8 gb, I'm supposed to have 32 but one of the ram sticks is broken, and I've been playing for about 2 hours since it crashed and it didn't happen again, is it possible that my GPU is failing or anything like that? I ran multiple GPU benchmarks before and I had no errors
  3. 650w seasonic s12iii rtx 2070 24 gb of ram ryzen 7 3700x
  4. As soon as I pressed "Quit game" in minecraft my screen went black but the backlight of the monitor was still on, and discord kept working for another 20 seconds because I was talking with someone but then discord stopped working too and I had to force shut down my PC to get it to turn back on. I'm worried it might be the PSU or graphics card but lemme know your thoughts. Here are screenshots of the errors I got around that time in event viewer: https://ibb.co/mhJfvtQ https://ibb.co/Np1q8p2
  5. I was having some graphical issues in some games and I wanted to determine if it's a hardware or software issue so I ran multiple benchmarks (unigine heaven, superposition, furmark and kombustor). I think I ran them for about 2-3 hours in total if you add all the benchmarks together. I would like to know if it's possible for these benchmarks to damage or shorten the lifespan of the GPU by a large amount. I have a zotac rtx 2070 mini. Btw the benchmarks ran fine with no crashing or artifacting at all so I determined that the graphical issues were caused by software bugs. EDIT: The GPU
  6. Hey guys, I was just wondering if it's possible for the digitizer on a samsung phone/tablet to break without the screen having any noticeable damage such as cracks, and if so what would cause it and how common is it? So basically, how fragile is the digitizer?
  7. They made challenges you have to complete every now and then to make sure a bot can't do that
  8. I actually did read the terms and conditions and I can't find anywhere where it says you can only participate if you're in the US so it makes me think if he did this so less people participate and not for a legal reason: https://fingeronthe.app/Terms-and-Conditions.pdf
  9. Well he could just use paypal... when he recorded those "sending random streamers X amount of money" videos he did it with some people who were clearly not from the USA
  10. So if someone who used this trick who is not from the US wins, what is he gonna do? Tell him "welp sorry man but you just held your finger on your phone 4 straight days for no reason cuz you're not from the US, hahaha rekt"? .....
  11. Yeah but since it's a money prize and not a physical item, why can't he just do it internationally? He can just wire the money to any bank account in the world so...
  12. It literally forced me to register with a US phone number even though I live in europe. Thankfully I was able to use one of those free online US text message receivers to register (take that developers!). But yea it is still very mean and unfair. Lemme know your thoughts!