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  1. your just a litte bit salty. I am as well but I mean at least you got to enter the contest, the rest of the would outside of Canada and and the us couldn't even enter into the contest v
  2. Anyways, I'm still waiting on that official wide spread response about the contest ending. I'll be a little concerned if I don't receive one and find out that my entry was never actually accepted what's this
  3. I’m lo key kinda depressed I though that my vid would at least make it Into the top 15”I think that’s what you call a big oof”
  4. my favorite part of this vid is that all the audio is in the right channel except for the intro tune. nice job love it.
  5. This is a form for off topic rogrigreboot post. So feel free to post your vid on here or just post anything off topic. BTW if there is a relevant question that could be helpful to someone else you have make sure to go to the Official rogrigreboot form.
  6. we should create a separate form just so we could talk about our videos and so this form doesn't get spam video posts
  7. if you guys want to see my vid just search in youtube:#rogrigreboot20 is this original and it will probably be the top link. tell me what you think
  8. i thought is was the top 25 and then the three winners get the free pc
  9. Watch as everyone who posted their video on this gets black listed