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  1. Sorry, I don't quite understand what you're trying to say.
  2. Yes. Anything that you give with the intention of receiving back something else I consider to be a payment, only a more subtle one.
  3. Oh you misunderstand. Indeed I am curious to sex but I never have and likely never will pay for it at all. I'm still a virgin.
  4. Can't say, never had a relationship in 24 years. Not by my own choice, just no girl likes me. I only remember how they laughed at me and said I was ugly. In terms of knowledge at around 13 14 I understood how babies are made and how to prevent it.
  5. I could always welcome more gaming performance than the i9, not being able to quickly buy my new PC might end up being a blessing.
  6. Have 2 Kingston SSDs from 2010 or something, just 60gb and 120gb ones. They still going strong, all my other hard drives died way waaaaayyy earlier.
  7. Yeah just a few shooter games, the rest would hover at 150~ I guess.
  8. For a while now I've been thinking on what monitor should I pick up, this is meant for gaming (both triple A games and games like Left 4 Dead 2 and Fortnite) AND movie / serial watching. The system would be capable of using either depending on the game of course. At first I was looking at the LG27GL850 but it came up short in the contrast category, now my room isn't exactly brightly lit and it sure gets dark at night. My second choice was the MSI MAG251RX but it's difficult to find in Romania, and it's quite expensive as well. At the moment I'm looking at the Asus TUF VG259QM 280Hz monitor, as it seems to have a decent review by RTings and Hardware Unboxed, however I wouldn't mind an 1440p 144hz monitor PROVIDED it could provide an actual increase in color gamut, have good contrast, and overall be a better choice over the Asus TUF one outside of it simply being 2K. Does such a monitor exist within the 400-500 euro range that is better than the TUF VG259QM for gaming and movie watching? Like better color reproduction, good pixel response time for the refresh rate, etc...
  9. Thanks for the confirmation, OC is definitely on the table but first and foremost I had to know if the Mobo could even run stock xmp speeds. Do you happen to know if the xii hero comes with the more special Asus ram tuning? On a review I saw someone was using it on these specific memories for a 10 percent boost in performance but on a xi genie Mobo. I assumed he was talking about Asus Optimem.
  10. Pretty much title, will the xii hero support 4x 8GB of patriot viper ram at their full 4400MHz speeds, or I'd need a higher end motherboard for those?
  11. Hey, I'm not really good with cases, but for info I'm looking for a good case that can accommodate an Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 for the CPU with an EVGA 3080 Hybrid on a ROG maximus xii hero mobo. Price should prolly not go above 200$, I don't need crazy lights or RGB setups.
  12. I see, I'm not interested in RGB or the iGPU, other than these the ACE doesn't offer anything extra over the UNIFY then?
  13. Hey, thanks for the reply! So, the MSI MEG Z490 Unify you linked is identical in price to the ROG Strix z490-e here in Romania, and the MSI MEG Z490 ACE is identical in price to the AsRock z490 Taichi. The Difference is less than 100 euro, which is well within acceptable margin for me. Would you say the MSI MEG Z490 ACE or UNIFY would then be the best all around choice at this price range?