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  1. I heard gaming on TVs can make you feel sick quite quickly
  2. already seen but I don't have enough money to try all the monitors out there
  3. I see, thougt the dell could be interesting because of the better nits but I've never had a Dell monitor before so I don't know if they're great, whereas I know LG monitors are great
  4. If you can find one for a good price why not, depends if you are in a hurry or not, cards will be available by november or december for christmas I think, howerver expect a price bump if AMD release is disapointing
  5. I don't think so, sneaker websites have been trying for years and they never managed to do so. Expect the same scenario
  6. Your best chance would be to try to bot, but I highly disrecommand you to do so
  7. Same, I doubt a 4k 120Hz is useful unless you wanna play games in 120Hz at mid settings and watch movies at 4k
  8. https://www.ldlc.com/recherche/écran/+fi1205-l120h75000+fv398-8206+fv889-4947,4948,4956,4957,8362,10849.html?department=all 27 inch only
  9. https://www.ldlc.com/fiche/PB00371445.html https://www.ldlc.com/fiche/PB00277095.html https://www.ldlc.com/fiche/PB00368955.html https://www.ldlc.com/fiche/PB00279653.html So I'm probably picking one of these but it's hard for me to make a final choice
  10. I wouldn't risk to kill my laptop to gain 15Hz personaly
  11. Yup, I've seen this one quite a lot and it seems to be amazing, I'm probably picking this one if nobody recommands me another one ^^ thanks for your answer !
  12. Sorry guys I forgot to say thanks for reading Therefore, Thanks for reading
  13. Hello guys, with the launch of the 30 series I'm probably going to upgrade (not now, maybe in January or something) and therefore I'd be looking for a monitor to replace my BenQ Zowie XL2411, Here is what I'd be looking for : -IPS or VA panel -1440p or up - >100Hz refresh rate -less than 7ms response time -good contrast ratio -good whites (high nits) -g-sync (if posssible) My budget is around 600$ I've found many monitors which fit these assets however I have no idea on which one to choose.